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#32758 - 03/20/04 11:30 PM Satanism vs. Modern Witchcraft / Wicca?

This is of great interest to me as a wavering Wiccan. Do you have some readings to recommed? Thank you

#32759 - 03/20/04 11:34 PM Re: Satanism vs. Modern Witchcraft / Wicca?

I do believe this was already addressed somewhat in your introduction. A good start would be to read and REREAD the Satanic Bible before asking questions from the members of this board. You have to put forth your own effort to learn and taking the short road is not the answer.

#32761 - 03/20/04 11:40 PM Re: Satanism vs. Modern Witchcraft / Wicca?
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You've been directed to references. The Satanic Bible is foremost among these, and its very easily acquired at most bookstores and also at is all the "free" material you'll find. Anything else will at least require going to the bookstore.

We welcome those with a desire to learn, but accompanying that desire must be genuine effort. Among Satanists, you are judged by your actions.

If your interest in genuine, by all means locate the sources you've been directed to and judge it for yourself. Once you've do so, this message board is always available for questions you might have about what you've read.
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I have not read your introduction and usually do not respond to questions which are best answered by reading our literature however there is a point here which I will clarify.

Satanism is "modern witchcraft" but without all the apologies and neoChristian ethics (as reflected in the so-called threefold law of Wicca which can be shown to be non existent for those not causing it to happen to themselves!).

The so-called "modern witchcraft movement" came into public notice after Satanism declared itself in 1966 and has now become popular.

The fact that it is so popular causes Satanists as a whole to hold in in further disdain.

We tend to view it as (to quote our founding High Priest} "playing the Devil's game without taking the Devil's Name."

Just remember this: if you have to put up a "circle of protection" against the Dark Forces, as far as we are concerned you are on the wrong side of the line.

Some of those who are attracted by the promise of power to "modern witchcraft" find that the rejection of the full exercise of any such power as a moral given is confusing and frustrating. Some of those find us. Some of those discover they are us.

Time will tell which side of the line you are on but be assured - you were born there.


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