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#328375 - 05/16/08 09:13 PM Brief Introduction
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Having just registered on the forum, there was a request to post a brief intro, and so here it goes.

I'm a married white guy in my late 30's living in the Southern U.S. A few weeks ago I read a very compelling essay by a person who identified herself as a "LaVeyan Satanist," and some of the things she said really struck a familiar chord in me. I decided to learn more.

I was brought up in the Southern Baptist Church -- well, I say "brought up," but when I was 14 I figured out how utterly full of shit those people are and I declared myself an atheist. Within a matter of weeks, my well-meaning parents had me in a well-meaning psychiatrist's office, fearing I had gone insane. Yeah, it was literally that bad. Those well-meaning parents and that well-meaning psychiatrist put me on well-meaning drugs that turned me into a well-meaning zombie, and turned my high school years into a drugged-out, sad, wasteful, well-meaning blur.

In my early 20's, I got off the drugs, moved out, and really began to take responsibility for my own life. I became interested in Wicca and other forms of Paganism, but after a couple of years I really began to feel like the Wiccans I knew were really just deluding themselves with a different brand of zealotry, all the while shaking their bony fingers and decrying "The Others, the Others!"

In my late 20's and early 30's, I began studying the various forms of Buddhism, even going so far as to move to Thailand for several years to learn "up close." While the Buddhists, especially the Theravadins, practice something that requires no faith to see the benefit of, they still have a lot of mythology that they allow to limit them. So it wasn't for me.

I remember hearing about the CoS when I was a kid in Sunday School, and how they were trying to "take over America" and "Overthrow the Government" and all this rot. Then as a Wiccan, I was warned to stay away from the "left hand paths" and that Satanists were in for a rude awakening with the karma from their black magick and "worship of evil." Of course, back then I didn't bother to do my own due diligence and find out for myself what the CoS and Satanists *really* believe. That was my mistake, and I sincerely regret it.

So I read this essay and I found myself saying "Damn right!" to nearly every point she made. When she said that she was a "LaVeyan Satanist," I had the same knee-jerk reaction I expect a lot of people do. But I decided that the best remedy for ignorance is knowledge, and so I found my way to the CoS website and started at the top.

People talk about that moment of being thunderstruck to realize that they're telling your story -- well, now I have a firsthand experience of that. It's a little exhilarating, actually. devilchili

I bought a used copy of TSB and have only begun reading. But what a beginning! You guys have really been given a bad rap, but then again, I guess "they" have a vested interest in giving you one, don't they. I have a lot of reading and learning to do, but this seems so familiar and so right, I want more!

So a hearty Hell-o to all of you! I doubt I'll post much, I tend to like to take in a lot of info before drawing conclusions nowadays, so I plan on doing a lot of lurking, if you'll allow me.

I find myself having an odd moment of trepidation, as I know that I'm about to say for the first time:

Hail Satan!

Hail The Doctor, and Hail to each of You!


#328376 - 05/16/08 09:18 PM Re: Brief Introduction [Re: Midzam]
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Welcome to LttD.

Welcome to the Left-Hand Path!

Hail Satan!

#328377 - 05/16/08 09:42 PM Re: Brief Introduction [Re: Midzam]
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Last time I checked, Atheism wasn't classified as a mental disorder! zombie

The nerve of some people.

But what a beginning! You guys have really been given a bad rap, but then again, I guess "they" have a vested interest in giving you one, don't they.

Yep. But unlike them we don't whine about it. Victims, the lot of them.

Oh, and there really is no need for the qualifier "LaVeyan". This gives the impression that there are different kinds of Satanism. The religion codified by Anton LaVey in 1966 is simply called Satanism. People who think there are different kinds are misinformed at best and delusional kooks at worst.

HS! coopdevil
Hell of All Hells

#328380 - 05/16/08 10:05 PM Re: Brief Introduction [Re: HellofallHells]
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Thank you both, very much!

>>Oh, and there really is no need for the qualifier "LaVeyan". This gives the impression that there are different kinds of Satanism. <<

I understand. I will be vigilant about that in the future. Thank you.

#328384 - 05/16/08 10:59 PM Re: Brief Introduction [Re: Midzam]
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Thank you for the introduction Midzam.

I also grew up under the Southern Baptist Church mayhem. I do understand what you went through.

Welcome to LttD.
"To be born into this world a sentient, self-conscious and reasoning being, surrounded by inexhaustible glories in Nature, which we may comprehend, possess,enjoy; to be able to rise on the wings of a lofty imagination; to be able to get glimpses of the ideally perfect; to apprehend the Divine; it is to the development and enjoyment of these high powers that the young man is invited. How dare he refuse to qualify himself by the most perfect training of all his powers." Lyman J. Gage 1910

"Follow Me!", John M. (Delta).

"I've learned that you shouldn't compare yourself to others - they are more screwed up than you think." Something Magistra Isabel posted. laugh

#328417 - 05/17/08 06:29 AM Re: Brief Introduction [Re: Danny Mc.]
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Welcome Midzam!! It was great to read your introduction. I'm glad you found LttD. You will learn much here. This is a wonderful forum.

It's wonderful to say, "Hail Satan", because when I say it, it comes from my heart of hearts. It's my truth, and it's wonderful.


Janet Marie

#328419 - 05/17/08 06:47 AM Re: Brief Introduction [Re: Queen Shiba]
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Hi Midzam and welcome to the party!

I was raised up Mormon myself (ack! - now there's traumatizing) and I also studied various religions after having my name removed from the rolls (a bold move for a 14 year old) including Buddhism (mostly Japanese forms of Mahayana, but I never went to Japan though) before I fully embraced my carnal nature and accepted Satanism. I'm also active in a couple of atheist organizations on church-state separation issues.

I live in an area of California (the central area) which is actually more like the Bible Belt than the southern urban area or northern, more progressive areas. So the largest church in town is the Southern Baptist (with numerous smaller, "nondenominational" clones) who control the city government and local media.

Hail Satan!

#328421 - 05/17/08 06:59 AM Re: Brief Introduction [Re: Midzam]
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You ran quite a gauntlet on your way here. As you have correctly surmised, lies and half-truths bombard the CoS and its members quite regularly. From my limited first-hand accounts, but on-going research, those who lambaste the CoS, left-hand path, or Anton LaVey himself, misunderstand what Satanism is all about. All are free to disagree, but those who do are encouraged to look elsewhere.

Your introduction was refreshing. Although the requirement was removed awhile ago, the "good" ones were always a pleasure to read.

Welcome to Letters to the Devil, Midzam.

#328428 - 05/17/08 08:14 AM Re: Brief Introduction [Re: Midzam]
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I'm happy you found your way here!

Like you, I have tried quite a few religions, and of course, none of them fit ... until I stumbled across Satanism one evening. I can relate to regretting not investigating the CoS when I first heard about it. On the other hand, it's a good thing that I waited until I was a bit more mature to study it. When I first came across the term Satanism, over a decade ago, I don't think I was willing to be as honest with myself back then as I am now.

When I was trying to practice these various religions I saw a lot of buffet Christians/Wiccans/fill-in-the-blank, which I viewed as disgustingly hypocritical. I am a Satanist (of the non-buffet variety, it resonates with me 100%), but I have recently found the buffet mentality useful in regard to other religions. I take what is useful to me and leave the rest. Perhaps it will be helpful to you as well.
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#328442 - 05/17/08 09:16 AM Re: Brief Introduction [Re: AurEum]
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Welcome from me too! I hope you will now find what you search for. And it's always a matter of learning more on things of your interest, enjoy. wink

#328574 - 05/17/08 11:21 PM Re: Brief Introduction [Re: Shuck]
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Thanks for the welcome, everyone!

I'm looking forward to finding a new carnal delight in every day from this one onward.

Hail Satan!


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