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#329004 - 05/20/08 10:33 AM Introduction? (read a minute ago that it's not longer required )
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Dear people,

I'd like to introduce myself but I can't find the right section for that.
Perhaps it's a dumb question but where I can't find the right section for introducing myself? I searched for minutes but couldn't find it...

Well, let me introduce myself.

I'm a 26 years-old-male (I recently turned to 26) from a pretty small town in Holland.
My real name is Marcel.
I found this website just out of curiousity.

I've read The Satanic Bible by Anthony LaVey (finished it recently)
since I became interested in Satanism.

I've recently experienced with Bhuddism (self-meditation etc.), but came to the conclusion that I couldn't bring myself to believing anymore in afterlifes, spiritual matters, 'Karma' and all that stuff.
I've always tented to Satanism.
Their down-to-earth attitude, the fact that Satanists look further than the herd do, and on the other hand their lust for live addressed to me!

Something more of myself?

I'm a student law (almost at the point of graduation), and I
play bass in several bands. I play bass for 12 years and I play guitar/piano too, and sometimes a little drums. I also sing second voices sometimes, but my voice is a bit monotome in my opinion! cool

I like beer, Desperados, rosé and whisk(e)y.
I'm straight and I want a girlfriend (don't have a girlfriend at the moment unfortunately frown ).

Just one thing to say for know: I dislike all aspects of islam or christianity. I'm my opinion their are the plagues of modern society. But that speaks for itself, doesn't it?

I want to change my name in: 'IHailLife82!' but I must wait until an administrator
here gives my permission as far I've understand.

By the way: forgive my in some cases mediocre English! cool

HAIL SATAN! coopdevil

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"Hail Life" sounds like a good motto to me! cool

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