What would a Satanist be without his/her ability to enjoy?
A few pop-labels quickly come to mind, but what I mean is something along a different thread altogether. This post is a prime example of it. The utilization ,or lack thereof, of a medium(LttD) full of a myriad of possibilities for the betterment of the individualist, for the non-joiner, in essence the Satanist, often declines headfirst into the sounding/complaint/ board for every life-avoiding Cyber-Satanist intent on killing a few hours out of an otherwise dull day.
When I come across the writings, opinions, and arguments of Satanists, I recognize them--even when they aren't in agreement with my own opinions or outlooks. But this is just ONE of the reasons why I CHAMPION THIS BOARD --as opposed to it's participants. When I recognize that Cyber-Satanist toying with his time,I don't sweat it. I mean, what can you do...post an objection? C'mon.(Not that I haven't mind you ,a good shit-bake always shows you where the insects are!) The people who complain the most about time wasting posts are by no means short on time wasting responses-or so I've noticed. And there isn't a damned thing wrong with any of it. Up here in the 'kennel', what can you expect,but this proverbial 'tide' of muck and matter of various 'orific' origin?
This board has undergone many changes and seen it's fair share of crap-slinging dramas. But, if you pay close attention, you can quite easily distiguish the wheat from the chaff BECAUSE of this very phenomenon. Members of the CoS as well as the Heirarchy have sections that only they are privelaged to ENJOY. And I find this to be an excellent first-step-filter. There are, as a result, things that only they may know. This set-up IS the philosophy of turning alienation into exclusivity.
This place attracts all sorts because it's fertile with the possibility of a cat fight, and boy oh boy, do people love quarreling. But more than that, they love knowing that they're right!
I've seen many a jewel, but before every one, I was bombarded by a spectrum of zirconium silicates bent on advertising their authenticity.
Patience is one of the greatest assets a Satanist can possess; as hidden agendas, ulterior motives and pretenders of every color ALL SUCCUMB AND CRUMBLE BEFORE IT'S MIGHT!