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#33277 - 03/26/04 05:24 PM Politics-ics-ics...
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After logging on after some "me-time" and not attempting to be current within this board, I noticed the absentee political forum.

Some-how the lack of that topic is soothing.

I also find it odd that I have considered some of the responses within that topic board as good old cases of the DP's (Demoralization Process), and wondered quietly to my self how long it would continue to draw attention and energy from the fact that Satanists are responsible for their problems and those of the multitudes. (to paraphrase the Devil's Notebook )

If it is gone for good, I stand and applaud the action to remove that black-hole of confusion from the area of discussion.

To remove myself from the hold of the DP's I enjoyed the stunning early spring weather here in Colorado Springs by logging 500 miles of ride time upon my Heritage Softail, I applied paint to canvass, I touched minds (private game of mine) and I enforced my will on my life happenings.

The mire of the political front and how it instills personal distress soon became known for what it is ( as I blew the cobwebs from my mind )...a web of influence that should be directed by Satanic Force, not a snare to trap those who should influence it.

And if I speak too soon, not personally knowing the directions Rev. Ventrue takes with his Forum, and *that* flow of discussion re-appears...well I do suggest LaVeys' essay from the Devil's Notebook: A Medicine for Melancholy or How to Avoid the DP's.

It might just change the overall content of discussion, and set the mood in the, right...umm, Satanic direction.

Hail Satan.

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I think it moved downstairs, but not really sure...
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It has been moved to the members-only section.

This will make it much more interesting.

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I shall be checking Colonel Akula's website more often to read the excellent articles that we used to read in the Politics section.
Of course, just because we've heard a spine-chilling, blood-curdling scream of the sort to make your very marrow freeze in your bones doesn't automatically mean there's anything wrong. - Soul Music, Terry Pratchett


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