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#33372 - 03/27/04 10:24 PM LaVey Park?!?

While stranded at a house helping a friend move I had a speedfreak come up to me and upon commenting on my Baphomet he told me that he studies theology although an Xtian. Through his bable he said that somewhere in LA there's a park called LaVey park, or Anton park and it's off of LaVey or Anton Way. (He was really spun out and before I go off searching for this place in a city I already loathe except for a few good clubs I thought I'd ask if anyone knows about it.) If you have any info on what this uber high crack fiend was talking about please tell me as I'd love to go and see it someday. I have a feeling it was the meth talking but then again I might as well ask. Thank you.

#33373 - 03/28/04 07:13 AM Re: LaVey Park?!?
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However, I had a good time thinking about what features Dr. LaVey might like to see in a park named after him. I wouldn't use any of the ladies rooms.
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#33374 - 03/28/04 06:30 PM Re: LaVey Park?!?
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Perhaps he confused our CoS with one of the OTHER CoS's.

The Church of Scientology is damn near a theme park in LA (though spread out over Hollywood), and there is an L. Ron Hubbard Way leading to one of their many massive complexes financed by money they've extorted from their weak minded minions. See the "Scientology Celebrity Centre" for further explanation. Or perhaps might enlighten.

Magistra Nadramia would obviously know if such a thing existed, and Hail Satan - I would have been there by now!

Your tweeker mixed up his 'S"s. This is not uncommon in tweeker land.


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