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#334791 - 06/18/08 06:02 PM Re: Satanism & Norse Mythology [Re: LIVE666EVIL]
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You may enjoy the Rite of Ragnarok in The Satanic Scriptures.

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#334824 - 06/18/08 09:26 PM Re: Satanism & Norse Mythology [Re: WolfMoon]
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Aye aye! The Rite of Ragnarok is also performed live in the documentary "Inside The Church of Satan" which was wonderfully executed by some extraordinary Satanists!

#334839 - 06/18/08 10:56 PM Re: Satanism & Norse Mythology [Re: LIVE666EVIL]
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Originally Posted By: LIVE666EVIL
All I'm askin is, is it kosher for me to be a Satanist and a lover of Norse mythology. I mean can I get tattoos and such of vikings and still be considered a practicing Satanist. And for the record, I just got both The Satanic Scriptures and The Satanic Rituals. Just haven't got to readin them yet.


Of course you can have an interest in Norse mythology. Satanists have hobbies and areas of study that cover a wide spectrum of pursuits.

History and mythology being a pretty popular one actually. It's keeping a perspective on reality that is the deciding factor.

As far as Satanism is concerned, take your time. There's no rush. Study it at your own pace and it will unfold to you as a natural consequence. If it becomes apparent to you that you're not a Satanist then you have lost nothing and yet still gained possession of a few good books.

Incidentally, as has already been mentioned, The Satanic Scriptures will do much to further your knowledge. It really is a great book. Incisive, enlightening, informative and downright hilarious in parts.

Plase note, I can see you are from South Carolina. So I've tried not to use any big words.
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