I see a regular habit amongst people who sometimes correctly, more often wrongly, project their ideas of Satanism onto musicians, bands or some other artists whom they admire.

For what reasons I am unsure.

However, here is someone who was a true de-facto Satanist, who I feel should be given credit as such amongst Satanists today.

Kenneth Tynan, one of the finest dramatic critics of the 20th Century, was born on the 2nd April 1927 in Birmingham City, England.

A true young dandy, he would be seen during his teenage years sweeping along the streets of Birmingham dressed in a long black & white checked coat, plus fours, pink silk tie and sporting a long, red-wine coloured cigarette holder. He also carried a black silk umberella with a red ribbon spiralled around it.

As a pupil at King Edwards Grammar School, Ken Tynan had already become a master orater in the school's Debating Society. As Chairman he championed the motion that "this house considers happiness to be the supreme aim in life"

Ken was said by his friends to have "revelled in the luxury of sensual pleasure" and he often voiced his opinion that "there is no divine purpose in life - only a human one."

In March 1944, at the age of 17, Ken stood as an Independant Confucian for a mock Civics Society election against a Liberal, Conservative and a socialist.
He constructed 5 basic principles which included the abolition of organised religion and conventional morality
and the introduction of contemplative leisure as the highest aim of man.

He also evolved a 14 point plan for rationalists which called for the repeal of religious influence in laws.

The school's Master immediately cut off all his privalleges and said that Ken's debate was a "disgusting mockery."

Ken refused to retract his argument and said that he was "proudly forced to resign from the debating society."

Later in his professional career as a drama critic (the zenith of which was when he was writing for The Observer from 1954 up until 1963) Ken was known as a scathing wit.

He vigourously opposed censorship and was the first man to use the word "fuck" on British television - an act which unfortunately eclipsed his brilliant intellect.

Over the course of his life though, he became a Symbolic relation to his era, even when attracting severe critisism regarding his championing of pornography as a legitimate art form.

He is widely regarded as a major influence on the theatre as we know it today.

Ken Tynan died in July of 1980.

This is just to whet the whistles of those interested enough to read further into the life of a true de-facto Satanist.

Human beings are as significant as a cigarette burn in the sun.