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#335627 - 06/22/08 09:55 AM Ladies and Gentlemen... the NEW Diabologue!
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Diabologue (pronounced: dee-AH-bo-log) has been continuously online since 1997 (back when it was merely called The Official Matt G. Paradise Website), before all of this blog madness or even before there was such a term for it. Through this medium, I post items of interest to me. Some of those include, but are not limited to, Satanism, technology, horror movies, the human condition, podcasting, missteps of the God religions, and, of course, each and every one of my own media creations. The blog has been fairly high-profile ever since, considered one of the original Satanic weblogs. Though, over time, the old site's software was showing its years and in desperate need of a rehaul.

Fast forward to NOW. Diabologue has been completely redesigned and reorganized with a slew of new features, new stories... new everything! Some of them include:

-- Membership and commenting open to ALL. Though, also heavily moderated and posts must be approved by me.
-- E-mail subscription: Get a digest of recent post synopses sent regularly to your e-mail box.
-- Posts now assigned to multiple categories, making searches easier.
-- Get Diabologue's feed added directly to your home pages at Google, Yahoo, AOL, or Bloglines in one click.
-- Finally, embedded video! (Category: Viddy This)
-- Share/save any story to your favorite social/bookmarking sites such as MySpace, Twitter, Digg, Facebook, and dozens more.
-- Plus, the usual feeds from Twitter, PTP-Exposed, the Purging Talon main site, and others.

And, unlike the old version, I am vowing now to post on a near-daily basis, keeping content fresh and, of course, so all of you fine folks will visit often, perhaps even bookmark the site for regular use.

The new URL is:

Although there is a URL redirect installed at the old address, feel free to change your bookmarks to the new URL, if need be.

So, join Diabologue today, check out the stories, fill out some comments (even to old stories -- there's no expiration date on conversation here), try the links, and give it a real test drive. If you're a veteran reader of the blog, re-visit some of the old posts as they all have new links, new pictures, and/or new video. Make sure to read the rules linked at the bottom of the text link stack as well, so we're all on the same page with conduct and such. Thanks, and welcome!
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#335677 - 06/22/08 12:37 PM Re: Ladies and Gentlemen... the NEW Diabologue! [Re: MagisterParadise]
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Looks like I'll have to register again!

I am vowing now to post on a near-daily basis,

I'm going to hold you that. wink
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#335707 - 06/22/08 02:14 PM Re: Ladies and Gentlemen... the NEW Diabologue! [Re: MagisterParadise]
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Interesting presidential choice in Zod!

He would require no votes to win!

Hail Zod!
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