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#33750 - 04/01/04 03:01 PM When Virtue Fails...
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From Time Magazine/Assoc Press:

What’s a virginity pledge really worth? About 18 months of abstinence, apparently.

More things we already knew.

I want to know if there is a way to figure out what the stats would be if you remove kids who didn't have a snowball's chance in Hell of getting laid in the first place? A virginity pledge is easy to keep if the offers aren't exactly rolling in...

"A new study shows that over 50% of girls who took virginity pledges and retained their virginity through high school and college all bore a remarkable resemblance to one of the photos below:"

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#33751 - 04/01/04 03:34 PM Re: When Virtue Fails... [Re: Rev_Malebranche]
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"A new study shows that over 50% of girls who took virginity pledges and retained their virginity through high school and college all bore a remarkable resemblance to one of the photos below:"

You can say that again!
I hold the theory that intellectual decisions do not hold as much weight in the psyche as animal impulse. Atractive people, will soon enough give in to them. (as would unatractive people, but they may have to go solo )
It's just a matter of embracing it or fighing against it. Reveling in what you have done, or guiltily trying to bury it.
"One thing I have learned in a long life: that all our science, measured against reality, is primitive and childlike and yet it is the most precious thing we have." - Albert Einstein --------------------

#33752 - 04/01/04 03:45 PM Re: When Virtue Fails... [Re: Rev_Malebranche]

I don't get why Jimmy Hester was happy?.He said it makes a difference but they only difference it's makes is a year and a half.
I remember going on some of those websites where virginity is really important and they are weird. It's important not to swear, criticism of anything is frowned upon and everyone loves God and talks about being in a relationship but still waiting.The website's are so prudish though a person never really learns much about sex on them.

So teens do need better sex education generally i don't know about in America but it's not that good in Britain. I know that we teach it when were 14 but by then for a lot of people it's already to late. Also sex education classes bearly deal with emotions and feelings it's all biological and relationships but not well enough. I think section 28 has gone not long ago so that's something good. They don't help people though. When people talk about sex education classes being taught when were 12 and 13 other people complain that were to young. However everyone i know, by the time we were 13 we knew everything already and were at least doing foreplay. A lot of people were already having sex. Yet our schools won't teach children younger. I don't think they want to address the fact that people stop being children fairly quick.
Oh yeah when it comes to contraception we get leaflets. To learn about it all better i went to a family planning clinic, school was that shit at helping me out.

I think the pledges will make people feel more guilty for one thing but also place way to much pressure upon the people in question which is way it's easier to keep to the pledge when you have support. I know loads of people who are virgins and it's not a big deal. They are, they aren't religious and thats the end of it. Make it something and they would obviously feel stranger.
At the end of the day i think it's all down to personal choice and who you do or don't meet,how high your sex drive is and how confident you are. My friends don't look like those pictures!!.

#33753 - 04/01/04 05:42 PM Aesop sez... [Re: Rev_Malebranche]
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It's all about sour grapes.
Resident Psychic.

#33754 - 04/02/04 11:04 PM Re: When Virtue Fails... [Re: Rev_Malebranche]
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I am ROFL!!!

This reminds me of a couple of unfortunate-looking girls in my highschool Nutrition class.

Allow me to setup the scenario a bit here: the senior bore a remarkable resemblance to Jabba the Hut as she gummed her cup of yogurt each morning, had the frizziest dull brown hair, and thought she was absolutely at the height of fashion with her waistless disfigured body globbing out of her baby-T's and miniskirts. The second girl, a sophomore, was slightly less unnatractive, though nearly matched the naivity of the first girl. She looked like she had dressed herself out of the discount rack at a thrift store. Neither one of them knew how to wear make-up, but as god-awful as their attempts were, they persisted to wear gaudy, uneven metallic eyeshadow and bright pink smudges here and there. They both reeked of cabbage and unwashed undergarments.

Now that you've got a little background info, here's what happened:
These two girls were in class one day, flipping through a copy of Seventeen Magazine, when one girl spots a picture of Heath Ledger and says, "I would SO lose my virginity to him!"
Then, my nutrition teacher mutters to me, "Who'd have sex with her."

I always thought it was funny how ol' Jabba always had this crush on some boy who was as grotesque in appearance as she and twice as stinky...but he'd never return her affections because she "didn't meet his standards." It seems beggars can be choosers...but hey, as long as none of them ever reproduce, that's fine with me!
"Stupid people do stupid things... smart people outsmart each other... then themselves." --DDevil-SOAD

#33755 - 04/02/04 11:33 PM Re: When Virtue Fails... [Re: Rev_Malebranche]
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I love abstinence-only teaching. It's fucking hysterical. O ur school regularly passes out pamphlets called " 101 ways to say no to sex." Some of them are too ludicrous for words:

27. I have a sunburn
42. I just got my hair done
84. I have a headache
14. Rub my back instead
25. I'm ALLERGIC to sex!

And my personal favorite...

19. I know your reputation!
Some boys grow up into men who can look at themselves in the mirror in the morning, and others just go along with the crowd, forgetting after a while that they ever had a choice. ---Roger Ebert

#33756 - 04/02/04 11:52 PM Re: When Virtue Fails... [Re: Rev_Malebranche]
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I remember an ad that started being posted around with pictures of teenagers of both sexes and the text "Abstinence is possible".

I was tempted to add "If you are 90 years old"
You can have peace. Or you can have freedom. Don't ever count on having both at once.
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#33757 - 04/03/04 08:00 AM Why I Discourage Prolonged Virginity [Re: Rev_Malebranche]
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There was an article in my college newspaper last week about virginity being more acceptable these days. Though that only seems to hold true amongst idenity Christian college freshmen and sophmores, and virginity takers. But realistically, virginity until marriage is probably rather unhealthy.

The problem is that parents have extremely unrealistic standards about virginity today. Parents want their children to both wait until marriage, and wait for marriage until they graduate from college. Sometimes included in this is waiting until they get a stable job, even when their field of study is law or medicine. Virginity until age 22-28 is absurb; It is against human nature. Notice that America's favorite waited until marriage sweetheart got married at age 19. Perhaps virginity until marriage was a reasonable request for herdlings when the age of marriage was 16-20, twenty being becoming an old maid quickly.

Virginity until marriage does have its functions in herd history. Primarily being that an innocent girl (because the expectation was almost exclusively towards girls) doesn't know if her husband has a really small dick, or blows his load unusually quick, because she has no ground for comparison. In fact, if her husband is a horrible lay it only reaffirms what the old lady's told her about sex: It is for men's pleasure only. A virgin bride is more likely to resolve that sex isn't fun that to decide that her husband is inadequate.

Having sex before a life long commitment is very important. Herd culture likes to promote the idea that if people love each other then they can surely have a good married sex life. That it bullshit. That only works for average people with average tastes who are able to muster an average performance in the sack.

It has taken years for me to get a grasp on what I need sexually, and quite frankly average anything doesn't come close. And the oppisite would also be true: An average guy's self-esteem would fall to zero and his energy would be destoryed by attempting to keep up with me.

I think that virginity past the age of 18 is generally pointless. If sexual health is important, then so too should sexual discovery. How can one expect to magically pick a person who is sexually compatiable with out sampling the goods? How can a virgin know what their sexual needs are? The emphasis on virginity needs to change in order to promote healthy behaviors. Virginity is important for young teenagers who need to first come to terms with their body, the onset of emotional chaos that arrives with puberty, and develop a mature attitude before sex. But once a person is ready for sexual discovery with people in their own peer group, usually age 15-17, then virginity is a lost cause and serves no beneficial purpose.

Sadly, abstinence sexual education detracts from more important things, like safe sex education and healthy attitudes towards ones sexuality.

But what have you come to expect from the herd? Leave it the herd to continue to cultivate unheathly minds in a time when they should damn well know better.

#33758 - 04/03/04 10:16 AM Re: Why I Discourage Prolonged Virginity [Re: NaamahPink]
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Personaly I think sex has a sort of theraputic aspect to it. If you noticed those who wait until their married more often than not tend to be rather cranky. Sex is a wonderful thing and it is ashame that there are people out there who willingly choose to deprive themselves of the experience.

#33759 - 04/03/04 10:18 AM Re: Why I Discourage Prolonged Virginity [Re: NaamahPink]
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That was a great post! Very well worded!

When it comes to virginity I always keep a simple motto in mind, "you have to test-drive a car before you buy it." I'm sure my son (and any potential future children) will read between the lines, otherwise I may have to use the extremely graphic motto my elderly, sex-crazed neighbor once told me at the tender age of eight.

#33760 - 04/03/04 11:29 AM Re: When Virtue Fails... [Re: SilverHammer]
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14. Rub my back instead

Strange, that always seems to lead into sex for me.

Gentlemen, it pays to learn how to rub shoulders, back, and feet.
Believe Nothing. Test Everything.

#33761 - 04/03/04 02:21 PM Re: When Virtue Fails... [Re: SilverHammer]

19. I know your reputation!

I'm going to use that one it's good! I do know somebody who would use that she is that much of a prude.
My favourites if i can't be arsed are:
1.I'm on my period- it normally works i've never met a guy yet who would still want to if i told them that.
I just give them a bj instead and hope they leave me alone intercourse wise for the night.

I don't think there is anything wrong with people believing in romance just as long as they are realistic about it.To have a romance like a Mills and Boons book is so unrealistic. The idea that your lack of experience will just vanish when your with the man you love who get's you going and you magically turn into a little minx is funny more then anything. Everybody does get it wrong the first time i know i did. The first time i did anything i wasn't that good at all. People do seem to presume that virgins are sweet,innocent girls even now it's strange.
I have to admit i have never met a women yet who doesn't want to fall in love and eventually get married. Yes they have sex before they do get married but they want the same kinds of things that women use to want. The only difference is they want to work to. I see perfectly sane women turn into mush for a guy and start talking about babies,future,the kind of wedding they are going to have and they fantasise about how they would be asked, what they children will look like and were they will live. Now i've seen it with more then enough people to know that it's not just a few odd people that get like that.
When i see it it just make's me think that some women really haven't changed much. People are still really uptight talking about sex to. I don't have a problem with talking about it at all but my friends only talk to me about sex just because i talk about it. What i mean is if they were with a person who didn't they wouldn't mention it once. My brother gave my a lecture a couple of weeks back because i made a joke about his and my sister in laws sex life.I got the whole 'sex between 2 people is very private and not something to be shared'. I was thinking i never even asked!!.Some people you just mention it and they get embarrassed. Even though most people do it it's like a behind closed doors activity so basically a hidden one.

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#33762 - 04/03/04 10:08 PM Re: Why I Discourage Prolonged Virginity [Re: NaamahPink]
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I strongly agree with the points you made in your post. I think every needs a chance to discover their sexuality before being confined to a partner who can never satisfy their needs. Ofcourse, I do think that anyone under the age of 25 is a little unprepared for commitment--this is the time in life when most people are beginning to settle into careers and I don't think this time should be interrupted b/c of some pointless sexual frustriation.

The herd mentality, however, is this: sex is not for pleasure, it's for reproduction; any act that causes you that much pleasure is EVIL. This is why sex is reserved for marriage and looked down upon by christians.

In my opinion, sex is only wrong when it harms someone; rape, cheating, incest, and sex w/minors are things I look down on. (I think the Lolita fetish is rather sick because a 13-yr-old kid doesn't know any better; a girl's body may crave something that her mind does not know how to handle from lack of experience and development.)

Other than that, I think sex is healthy for a person's development. I hold that it's something lovely to be enjoyed to the fullest no matter how it's enjoyed.
"Stupid people do stupid things... smart people outsmart each other... then themselves." --DDevil-SOAD

#33763 - 04/03/04 11:24 PM Re: Why I Discourage Prolonged Virginity [Re: Scratch]
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Not that I sympathize with men who go after little girls, but I think an awful lot of 18 year olds don't know any better either..where do you draw the line?

#33764 - 04/04/04 05:54 AM Re: Why I Discourage Prolonged Virginity [Re: Perndog]
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The line is already drawn.Legal age is the line. It doesn't mean one is mature only that the prey is legal to hunt.
I don't see what a man could get out of a little girl but an 18 year old is a woman albeit a younger woman.
"That which does not kill us makes us stronger"
"The dreams of youth are the regrets of maturity"


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