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#33765 - 04/04/04 06:19 AM The Legality of Fetish [Re: Perndog]
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As the saying goes, 15 will get you 20...

Personally, I would prefer the company of an experienced woman as opposed to a fumbling newcomer. My sexual tastes almost demand someone with experience. There is a whole big world of sexual variation out there, be it positions, toys, fetishes, etc. that are seen as lewd by some, but those same people I have seen shelling out large sums of dollar bills at the local Gentleman's Club. Those dancers know as well that everyone has a fetish, and in their case, it's lucrative.

In closing, your fetish is yours to have, but I agree with Dark Master Prince. A legal 18 year old that has had time to gain some experience at least will be the better choice, and you won't have to worry about that pesky jail sentence.

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#33766 - 04/04/04 10:18 AM Something to Ponder [Re: Prince_Satanicus]
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The line is already drawn.Legal age is the line.

I noticed that Satanist seem to take too much comfort in this idea that all places have laws that protect the young from sexual exploitation, perhaps because the laws in our area are straight forward and reasonable.

Though I do agree that this holds true for most western nations most of the time, some do have legal age of consent as young as 14. I personally can see that being considered old enough to engage in sex with partners of a similar age, but I feel that many on this board would find 14 to be too young to chose to have sex with someone over 18 in most cases.

The second issue that is often dismissed when legal age of consent arises is that many piss-ass countries do not have a legal age of consent, and in those countries child prostitution is legal. There is no legal line to define the difference between a consenting adult and a child. Puberty might be suggested as a good age of consent when no legal line exists, but that is far to young, as I started bleeding at age 9. Also, saying when one is mature enough to understand their choice can be easily considered too vague.

In the absence of a law, what age do you think is always too young for consent?

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#33767 - 04/04/04 05:36 PM Re: When Virtue Fails... [Re: Rev_Malebranche]
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On a similar note, I read an article about a study of abstinence-only programs versus sex ed programs, and while both groups of kids had sex at about the same rate, the kids who were taught abstinence-only information were far less likely to use protection.
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#33768 - 04/06/04 11:32 AM Re: When Virtue Fails... [Re: Rev_Malebranche]

All this shows me is that I need to get out more. Last girl I was with who claimed to be "saving herself" took me less than a year to nail and now she bitches when she 1. isn't fucking a guy who is pierced and 2. hasn't gotten laid in over 3-4 days. (I quit boinking her long ago.) But what I want to know is where are these "virgins" and how can I find them?

The study did not address the effect of such pledges on sexual behaviors other than intercourse, including anal and oral sex, which are increasingly popular among teens who identify as "virgins."

You find me a couple dozen cute co-eds who like to take it up the ass and I'll be fine with not fucking them since I sure as there is no god will not marry them or anyone else in this life.
And does anyone ever stop to think that maybe, just maybe, it's unhealthy to not have sex wiether it be before marriage or not? I've actively been having sex since I was 15. Now granted I'm not that old (only 21 years wise) but still I think it's safe to say that I've had more sex in these last 6 years than most other people will have in their entire lives. But I've been smart and safe about it. I'm clean and on top of that I have a healthy view of sexuality. And as a bi-sexual I have to ask, what about the young homosexual teenagers? If they take said pledge they are saying that they are willing to wait to experience something until people decide that it's okay for them to even exist. Now that's unhealthy.
As for your point of the ugly not getting laid, I say good. I don't want any ugly babies running around because I've noticed alot of the ugly tend to be stupid too. Well I've laid out my 2 cents, now off to find a "virgin" to fuck up the ass...


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