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Psychology itself is a worthy and worthwhile pursuit and area of study--no ifs, ands, or buts.

But, be warned, everyone, that many psychologists and psychiatrists initially got into da biz to hopes of fixing themselves first and foremost. I have met so many dysfunctional and dumb psychologists and psychiatrists, that I simply don't know where to begin.

I began to study psychology to close the noticeable gap I have in my ability to sympathize with others, or empathize. I have always studied human behavior, reading the thoughts of University professors in my textbooks has given me a lot of insight and filled in some of the blanks in my own studies. I now have a decent collection of psychological literature and what strikes me most about the science is that it is not exact. Sure, there are some traits inherent in all humans, like, say to be human is to be an apple pie. Give any Professor Of Psychology a knife and who knows how they'll cut it? This isn't to say I take the words of those educated individuals for granted. It's that some of what those people have concluded seems counter-intuitive, as if not everything they print is infallible proof by rather theory in practice. Guesswork, so to speak. This is why, when it comes to flexing my psychological muscles I ultimately stick to my instincts and intuition.

One thing that I noticed early on in my friends that began to take psychology classes is that they would immediately think they were able to solve everyones problems and were eager to put their newfound knowledge to use. The thing is those people just don't get it. They fill their minds with facts but do not truly understand the meaning behind them.

Maybe I'm trailing and meandering here but that's the gist of my experience with psychologists.

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