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#339938 - 07/13/08 12:32 AM "Satanists are Born, Not Made." ~Anton LaVey
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At present, I am reading TSB. Today I found, through the Church of Satan site, My questions stem from the third paragraph from the FAQ by Magister Paradise on this page.

I won't delve too deeply into my own situation. But it feels like I am the same person today that I was when I was a little girl before age 5 as it relates to my sense of self and personality, my curiosities and sense of wonder.

According to the FAQ paragraph mentioned above, many in the population might be Satanic, but are not Satanists. I am guilty of "all the above". It is in my past. But it is NOT in my present. All I have is right now. I appreciate who I am and what I have overcome. It has made me and not broken me.

To read the words above...first I must apologize for saying reminds me of my mother saying that the only way to heaven is through Jesus. And my only reaction to her was, how can that be? There are good jews, muslims, buddists, hindus, etc. etc. How can the Church of Satan expect perfection in such an imperfect world?

What about children today, sufferers of child abuse? What about the children of yesterday, who had to overcome the obstacles of child abuse? For me it has made me stronger.

#339956 - 07/13/08 05:09 AM Re: "Satanists are Born, Not Made." ~Anton LaVey [Re: WinterSky]
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#339965 - 07/13/08 07:14 AM Re: "Satanists are Born, Not Made." ~Anton LaVey [Re: WinterSky]
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How did you read the quoted passage as saying anything about Satanists being "perfect"?

All it is saying is that most people are NOT Satanists, some approximate it yet are not, and some ARE.

Those who ARE were born that way.

No one said Satanists are "perfect."

"Human" and "Perfect" are mutually exclusive terms.
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#340019 - 07/13/08 12:15 PM Re: "Satanists are Born, Not Made." ~Anton LaVey [Re: Svengali]
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Thank you for your time and response, Magister Svengali. I wish to have this thread remain, and shall continue my studies and postpone my response until a later date.


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