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#34050 - 04/04/04 07:05 PM Re: Satanism vs. Islam

What, so you want someone to specifically pinpoint a location in the Satanic Bible where Anton LaVey says, "Islam is wrong, is this is why:....."? How about the ENTIRE Book Of Satan!!! You forget, (or you're just too damned thickskulled to realize) Satanism doesn't pick and choose it's enemies. We choose reality, they choose to willingly blind themselves. Is it our fault they poke their own eyes out?

You want a reason why Islam is wrong? Because it denies that man is God. It preaches the heresy that there is some being greater than man. It champions herd conformity. I think the entire Satanic Bible cover-to-cover would have displayed that little piece of info at some point to your eyes. Or maybe you poked them out already...

#34051 - 04/04/04 08:56 PM Re: Satanism vs. Islam [Re: Old_Pig]
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I've read the Satanic Bible cover to cover...

No, you didn't. That is obvious.

Eyes can move across a piece of paper or a cathode tube (!), but it's up to the brain to process any of the information.

I bet as we speak he's reading these posts and saying to himself "Aha! I see no arguments disproving Islam - I have won the debate!"
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#34052 - 04/04/04 11:11 PM Re: Satanism vs. Islam
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Have you ever read the Qoran?

Judeaism, Christianity, Islam, it's all the same.

How boring!
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