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#34083 - 04/06/04 04:12 AM Re: Walpurgisnacht 2004 [Re: YoungSoulRebel]
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Same thing I do every night

Try to take over the world?
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#34084 - 04/06/04 04:13 AM Re: Walpurgisnacht 2004 [Re: Eric_Flu]
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I'll be celebrating the night away at The Quintessentials's CD release party in Waikiki.
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#34085 - 04/06/04 06:30 AM Re: Walpurgisnacht 2004 [Re: Eric_Flu]
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Probably having sex with my girlfriend, and pampering her in every possible way, as it is her birthday
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#34086 - 04/07/04 10:14 AM Re: Walpurgisnacht 2004 [Re: RustySpring]
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Seems like the most of you missed the lack of honesty in my post. The majority of that was sarcasm, while the other half was just a damn bad mood. Forgive the horrible amount of stupidity, although, I admit, that lil joke about drunk and greased fingered was pretty good, as was the darwin award thing.

In all honesty, this year I plan to indulge a little more than I do everyday.
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#34087 - 04/07/04 10:48 AM Re: Walpurgisnacht 2004 [Re: Entity]

I will spend it trying to figure out how to pronounce "Walpurgisnacht" If anybody can help me out on that score,the help would be much appreciated.

What every you all do on the 30th,do stay safe and have fun!!

#34088 - 04/07/04 10:55 AM Re: Walpurgisnacht 2004
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I will spend it trying to figure out how to pronounce "Walpurgisnacht"

I tend to pronounce it with a bit of a German accent to it
Vawl- PurJis-Nokt, but I'm not actually certain if there should be a hard or soft sound in pronouncing the letter G so it very well may be pronounced Vawl-PurGis-Nokt.

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#34089 - 04/07/04 11:19 AM Re: Walpurgisnacht, Pronunciation of
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I will spend it trying to figure out how to pronounce "Walpurgisnacht" If anybody can help me out on that score,the help would be much appreciated.

This is how I pronounce it (sorry about the "?" -- the board doesn't like to display breves)...


v?l- as in "volume"
PR- as in the sound a kitten often makes
gs- like "kiss" but beginning with a hard g, like "granite"
nKHt- from the throat as with "bach", or "loch", but ending in a t.


I just checked and Walpurgisnacht is in the Merriam-Webster online dictionary.

They elegantly describe the pronunciation as "vl-'pur-g&s-"n[k]t", but the definition actually has a handy-dandy audio sample so you can hear it if you'd like.

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#34090 - 04/07/04 01:10 PM Re: Walpurgisnacht 2004 [Re: CURB_YOUR_GOD]
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If you're going for the jin-yoo-wahn German pronunciation, it's a hard G, as Professor Sinister's link helpfully shows.

The word is also sometimes anglicized as "Walpurgis Night", where the G is soft (and the W may be, too).

So really, whether you say "volpurghis", "volpurjis", or "wolpurjis", you're safe from the Pronunciation Nutzis.

#34091 - 04/07/04 02:04 PM Re: Walpurgisnacht 2004 [Re: Eric_Flu]
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Hopefully I won't remember what I did on Walpurghisnacht the next day.
this is a recording...

#34092 - 04/08/04 12:47 AM Re: Walpurgisnacht 2004 [Re: Eric_Flu]

Thanks everyone for the pronouncation tips, they helped very much.

#34093 - 04/08/04 06:38 PM Re: Jeffa [Re: Rev_Malebranche]
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There's something eerie about the avatar pics, though. I recognize them the first time I see them...I'mm sure if my husband was rich I'd understand...
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#34094 - 04/09/04 08:11 AM Re: Walpurgisnacht 2004
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>>I will spend it trying to figure out how to
>>pronounce "Walpurgisnacht"

Prof. Sinsister has it down. Listen and compare.
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#34095 - 04/09/04 08:23 AM Re: Walpurgisnacht 2004 [Re: Eric_Flu]
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I was told this week I will be either on CQ detail (barracks watchdog) or in "the field" (which is crazy seeing as we just got back from a YEAR of COMBAT ).
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#34096 - 04/09/04 01:22 PM Re: Walpurgisnacht 2004 [Re: Eric_Flu]
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A nice dinner, a ritual, and hours of painting. Life's simple pleasures.

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#34097 - 04/09/04 07:26 PM Re: Walpurgisnacht 2004 [Re: Bill_M]
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>>I will spend it trying to figure out how to
>>pronounce "Walpurgisnacht"

Prof. Sinsister has it down. Listen </A> and compare.

Thanks Bill and Professor Sinsister. I have also been struggling with this one. Hail!
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