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In some very real sense, I have always been an exile and an outsider of sorts.

I have also always been that way; both before and after reading The Satanic Bible.

This used to be especially prominent in school; I think I was around 13 or 14 years old when I discovered that most people did not interest me and that I often preferred my own thoughts and solitude to the noise of their boring chatter.

I donīt remember feeling bad about choosing exile over undesired association with said people, but I do remember that reading The Satanic Bible helped me to understand my behavior and to remain myself.

...but in order to answer the original question (in my own personal view, of course):

1. In a common society, a Satanist will always be kind of an alien, simply because of his or her unique look on life.

2. If you do not enjoy this status, you are probably doing something wrong; or have yet to understand certain truths.

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