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#209018 - 12/18/06 07:35 AM Re: Why Enochian? [Re: reprobate]
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We use languages that are aesthetically or intellectually conducive to the kind of atmosphere we want to cultivate in the ritual. On this criterion, Enochian, or Lovecraft's language of the Great Old Ones, or maybe Tolkien's Black Speech, are all on the same playing field as Aramaic or Latin.

Should I ever feel the need for a destruction ritual, I'll write one in Klingon.
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#209019 - 12/18/06 07:54 AM Re: Why Enochian? [Re: fatebender]
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A comrade and I used to bicker on this. John Dee's and the Doktor's translations differ from the literal translations of Enochian. My friend had a lot of time on his hands and did some research on Enochian and took the time to translate the keys literally word for word, some words had no English equivalent so they were omitted and of course you fill in the gaps with English as with any other language. After debating about the "authenticity" of the potency of Enochian in a ritual context I concluded that it's more of the conviction and effect that you put into the chanting as well as the recitation of the words as opposed to dissecting them to find out if their literal translation will aid in producing the desired effect. This is what my friend was arguing, "Well, I think it would be more powerful if you could recite it in Enochian while knowing what it means in English in your mind." I concluded perhaps, but I feel the words themselves have innate power and the human emotion is the catalyst. This is probably why some Satanists prefer to use Aramaic, Latin or what have you and others stick to Enochian. One thing that cleared it all up for me is when the Doktor mentioned that you could even read a passage from Rudyard Kipling to get your desired effect. It's not set in stone and that's what always appealed to me about Satanism.
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#209020 - 12/18/06 04:14 PM Re: Why Enochian? [Re: reprobate]
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Thanks guys, that's cleared things up for me nicely.

#341804 - 07/23/08 01:37 PM Has anyone found this author useful? [Re: DubhGhaill]
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Writer and lecturer Lon Milo DuQuette discussed 'Enochian' magick, and one of its practitioners, John Dee-- the first Queen Elizabeth's own 'Merlin.' Dee, a renowned mathematician and scientist, sought to access the mind of angels, and in 1582, he teamed up with the clairvoyant Edward Kelley to make contact with a number of entities. The spiritual beings they reached identified themselves as angels-- the same that communicated with Enoch of biblical times, DuQuette explained. These angels revealed secrets about creation and consciousness, he added.

The magical system Dee & Kelley developed from their contacts involved "calls" in an angelic language, and DuQuette presented one on the air. Known as TEX, the call was a description of creation, said to open the lowest of the Enochian heavens, the 30th. These calls can bring about specific states of altered consciousness, he said.

The Enochian techniques systematically explore 30 levels of heaven. To access these states, a person can use scrying, and the correct call to open up a particular ether or heaven, then sit quietly for 10-15 minutes, and afterwards make a written record, DuQuette detailed. He also noted that Aleister Crowley adopted Enochian Magick in his work.

#341807 - 07/23/08 01:51 PM Re: Why Enochian? [Re: DubhGhaill]
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Because historical veracity only matters to people who have nothing left to grasp onto. Christians are all about historical veracity, they certainly don't have reason, common sense or philosophical veracity to hold onto.
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#341815 - 07/23/08 02:38 PM Re: Why Enochian? [Re: Jack_Lantern]
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Aren't all languages "made up" in a way, derivative of older languages also made up of even older languages etc, do we have to go back to grunts and squeals to find the original root?

I like the Klingon idea!
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#341819 - 07/23/08 03:56 PM Re: Why Enochian? [Re: Dark_Adept]
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Originally Posted By: Behemoth90731
A comrade and I used to bicker on this. John Dee's and the Doktor's translations differ from the literal translations of Enochian.

That's always a big complaint I hear from the Crowley fan club. I always point out that LaVey's translation is, as he says right in the book, "archaic but Satanically correct".

And to quote the Enochian Pronunciation Guide article: "I find most annoying the person who demands a word-for-word translation of the Keys, not realizing they are virtually like Pigeon English in their lack of grammatical nuance and literary style. If they were to be translated literally, you may be assured that the chanter would sound most inarticulate!"
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