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#342275 - 07/26/08 06:28 PM What happens now?
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I have searched the forums and have found nothing remotely close to what I need help with so I will start a new thread. I am at a loss right now. I am fully aware of the stand The CoS takes on sexual freedom ect. However my position is this. I have been involved with the same person for 4 years.
I love her, desire her and need her. The problem is time I guess. She has found herself submersed into her new promotion at work and I am still here. Now my issue is that of desire. I am finding myself wanting to go outside the relationship. Not because I dont love her but because I WANT a sexual encounter. I NEED a Sexual encounter but I dont want her hurt and I know she will be. I have tried to talk to her about this and explain to her that I need this interaction and if i dont get it from her I will go outside the relationship. I think she thinks it is a joke of some kind. How do i explain this without ripping her heart out? She does not deserve to be hurt. She is wonderful to me in every aspect of our relationship except the physical. I just thought maybe some outside advice could aid me in talking to her and explaining. Thanks.
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1. This is the wrong section of the board for this type of post. This section is for questions concerning the website or the board itself.

2. Actually, there's no appropriate section anywhere on this board for this sort of post. We're not "Dear Abby" or designed to offer advice to the lovelorn.

3. Since this post has already been addressed by a Moderator, there's no need for anyone other than another Moderator or Member of the Priesthood to reply to it. So don't.
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