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#34324 - 04/05/04 10:02 PM About Drugs.

The Satanic Bible is very clear about drug-use. It is my understanding that the Church does not condone this behavior. However, I have seen many posts by Church members (Names are colored orange, If I am correct), in my time here where they state that they have used and still use alcohol.

It is my understanding that Alcohol is just as much a drug as marijuana, cocaine, or cigarettes - and in some cases more dangerous than any of the latter. Of course, there are "social drinkers", but I consider "social drinking" to be even worse than compulsive drinkers - A "orgy mentality" if you will.

Does the Church of Satan condone the consumption of Alcohol? If yes, at any level, what is their stand on smoking cigarettes? Or perhaps smoking marijuana "socially"?

I'd like to also add that I am drug-free (though I've had my past issues, I've recognized them and dealt with them), and I am a light cigarette smoker.

Thank you for your time.

#34325 - 04/05/04 10:47 PM Re: About Drugs.
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While I cannot claim to represent official Church policy, the following things seem to me to be the consensus of view of the CoS:

1) Yes, responsible alcohol use is "condoned" at the discretion of the user. While I myself generally oppose intentional intoxication from alcohol, I also drink regularly in moderation. That is to say, I drink often, and never get drunk. No more than a couple drinks at a time. Use your judgement.

2) Tobacco use does not readily cloud one's mentality, and while it can be argued that it shortens lifespan, so does a lot of things. If you choose to indulge, do so at your own risk. Just don't complain about the potential results. Responsibility to the responsible.

3) The Church of Satan clearly opposes the use of illegal substances in any quantity. If marijuana is illegal where you live, then it is not considered acceptable to use it. If it happens to be legal where you live...again, use your judgement. Why are you seeking intoxication in the first place?

The difference is one of indulgence and compulsion. Alcoholics are compulsive. Light drinkers usually are not. Intoxication is usually a compulsive act of self-escape.

Rather than ask "what would the CoS do?", ask, "why would I wish to use substances for the express purpose of decreasing my mentality?"
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the word drug appears once in the satanic bible, and it is used in the context of defiling drug gurus in a Black Mass

Indulgence . . . Not Compulsion

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The Church of Satan respects the law of the land and strongly suggests our members do the same.

As for alcohol and tobacco, we believe in indulgence, not compulsion. These substances have been cultivated and refined by humans since the beginning of civilization, and they can be enjoyed by responsible adults in quantities that are neither harmful nor debilitating.
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