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This might have been suggested before, but what I would sometimes find useful is a sort of 'recommend post' function. Where you can recommend a post to a particular user, much like we can now notify moderators of specific posts.
I'm sure not everybody reads absolutely everything on this board, and it could come in handy to be able to recommend a specific post to a specific user - especially when the interesting post is buried in a thread that the user in question would not normally read.

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#34442 - 04/07/04 01:59 AM Re: Recommend post [Re: AEnigma]
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I don't consider this a good idea.

In my opinion it is the personal choice of each user which threads and postings he reads.

Everyone is responsible for his own choices, and I personally wouldn't like to get suggestions what I should read.

If you really want to inform a friend about a certain posting, I suggest that you send him or her a PM.
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There was going to be a feature similar to this but I felt it could lead to problems and provide an easy way for our distractors to "aquire" or inform others of the posts which would then be posted on other various message boards or crappy newsgroups like alt.sillyass

My suggestion would be to email or PM the person in question and paste in the URL or describe the location to them. I know it is a bit more work.. but the nice thing is, most shit-disturbers won't take the time to do it or feel to put out by the process... thats one thing I like about shit-disturbers... they are lazy and rarely follow through with things

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