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#345510 - 08/11/08 05:49 PM I think we could use a new Intro sec.
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Dear Magister Venture and the Hierarchy,
In the past few weeks many newcomers have begun posting introductions in the General Discussion section seeing that the original Introduction Section is gone. It has become quite popular recently.
I assume there is going to be a lot more of these posts coming up as more people enter this forum and see that others have done it and found the practice useful.

That is why it is in my opinion that it would be wise to bring the Introduction Section back, specifically for the people who wish to right one and for people who want to read them. They will now know the right place to do it.
However, this time an introduction should no longer be required.
I understand that in the past the Intro Section was removed because too many people introduced themselves only for the purpose of being able to enter this forum and never posted anything worthy.
This new Intro section should only be for those with the initiative to post something worthy and/or interesting.

We've seen many interesting people come to this forum through the use of these wonderful introductions, so I think a section specifically dedicated to that might encourage more.
At the same time I think the General Discussion page should more focused on Satanic philosophy as its description says.

#345513 - 08/11/08 06:17 PM Re: I think we could use a new Intro sec. [Re: Enigma777]
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We had an introduction forum and it was a hellhole. Between the mass of idiots who posted terrible introduction and attracted negative attention, and the assholes who felt it was their duty to demean everyone who washed up on our shores, it was decidedly for the better that it be done away with.
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#345552 - 08/11/08 11:35 PM Re: I think we could use a new Intro sec. [Re: Hagen von Tronje]
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I think that was due to the fact that an introduction was required just so that one could participate on the forum. That is why I think the intro should be optional. All the ones that want to do it seem to have something interesting to say and they get received well. I just think there should be a separate part of LTTD for that

#345635 - 08/12/08 08:41 AM Re: I think we could use a new Intro sec. [Re: Enigma777]
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Perhaps I am dense, but I fail to see the problem. I am not a moderator or member of the hierarchy, to whom your original post was addressed, so I ask your pardon. But I have been here for a little over three years. Believe me when I say it is MUCH better as is. The fact that a small number have the courtesy to introduce themselves speaks volumes. The fact that we are posting on the subject indicates that there is no problem finding them; and, I assume that talking about oneself falls under the topic of satanic discussion.

These are just thoughts of a common citizen, who appreciates the small indulgence of allowing my two cents worth.

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#345658 - 08/12/08 10:50 AM Re: I think we could use a new Intro sec. [Re: Roho_the_Rooster]
Danielle Alicia

As a person who recently introduced herself here, I will offer my opinion. I joined the site and then carefully read everything I could, to see what rules were expected to be followed, etc. One of the requirements was that I post an introduction, and so I searched for a minute or two looking for the place to do so. When I couldn't find any place to post it, I simply went to "search," and typed in "Introduction." Then I made note of what forum was most common to see that term in. Then, I went to that area, titled as "General Satanism Discussions." I then found some introductions, read them, and saw the responses to make sure that was indeed the correct area before foolishly posting an introduction. I saw that it seemed to be an appropriate place, so I posted.

As I read through the introductions from others and the questions they asked, I bemusedly noticed that some of the problems are:

1. People never do enough intelligence gathering before posting.

2. They do not read, they do not seem to have any clue how to interact with even a modicum of inter-personal communicative skills, and they lack poor editing abilities when it comes to their posts (at least I hope they are not proof-reading, because some of the grammar that makes it through is atrocious).

There will always be those who do not understand Satanism properly; this happens whenever you have a belief system that embraces all sides of humanity, the dark and the light, and sees them all as important. Any system of thought that encourages the removal of fear by personal empowerment through willfully challenging the ideas that cause others to shake in their boots, will always bring with it people who just don't get the point. It's a system of very mature thought. Ironically, it is these misguided people's high level of superstitious fears, for one, that will make them seek out such things as Satanism! The mature Satanist just quietly goes his or her way, knowing they can't educate the entire world about their way of life. It would be an impossible, futile task.

So, what I am trying to (long-windedly) say is this: if a person can't figure how to post an engaging introduction then they don't belong here anyways, at least not yet. I would say to those people, go read The Satanic Bible, see if it is for you, write down any concerns you may have (and edit them several times), sit with what you wrote for a few months, then come here and ask intelligent, thoughtful, respectful questions.

I think this is why, if I am understanding correctly what has been previously said on the subject, there is no longer an area labeled specifically as "Introductions." Too many idiots!

I appreciate your post and think that you did bring up an interesting subject, however. I did, as I mentioned, have a couple of minutes to think about why there was no such place after I joined. Now, I guess I like to think of it as pretty cool that there was an asking for an intro and yet no forum for it! smile

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#345692 - 08/12/08 01:47 PM Re: I think we could use a new Intro sec. [Re: ]
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I posted a thread on this very subject not that long ago - aside from what has already been said, my main contention with requiring introductions was that it meant people who only wanted to join the forum to browse and lurk weren't able to do so. Personally I think it's better that those who aren't interested (or capable) of interacting with others on this site and feel safer in the background should be able to do so without having rocks thrown at them by some of the more over zealous members of the board.

I completely agree with Danielle Alicia, though, that someone who isn't even able to read through the terms of use for the board (which they're supposed to have done when joining anyway) and put two and two together and make four in the shape of what to do (or not do) next really isn't worth wasting any time over.
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#347049 - 08/19/08 03:29 AM Re: I think we could use a new Intro sec. [Re: Enigma777]
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I would have to agree with Hagen von Tronje on this issue, the Introduction area was a hellhole of the worst kinds of idiots just wanting attention and I think it shouldn’t be brought back, it just easier and better if we leave it out in the long term.

Sometimes you have to burn bridges to build better ones.
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