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#345370 - 08/11/08 07:45 AM Re: Best website for those interested in Eugenics! [Re: Enigma777]
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Originally Posted By: nicesatan777
I don't quite get it.
Does that mean he doesn't like him?

It means that Stalin had people so terrified, they were even afraid to express positive opinions about him publicly.
Mistaking insolence for freedom has always been the hallmark of the slave.
-Wilhelm Reich

#345569 - 08/12/08 01:55 AM Re: Best website for those interested in Eugenics! [Re: Pirate]
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Originally Posted By: Pirate
If you truly want a change like this to occur you have to send the orders down from the top, without resistance, rather than tirelessly fight for the change bite by bite from the bottom. I suppose you could say, for lack of better comparison, "Hitler Style"

I don't agree with Hitler's politics nor his flavor of discrimination, but his methods were outstanding. I think that with the technology available to us today we could create death camps for the useless and the stupid that are much more efficient and much cleaner.

I'm aware that this poster is banned but I feel it merits response for those that are still reading this thread.

I think that this is an incredibly unrealistic point of view. It takes for granted the subtle nature of power, influence and the cycles of time wherein those two factors take shape.

I've had it up to here with notions that one day, somehow, we're all gonna gulag the mentally crippled. It just isn't going to happen. There are too many stupid people and not enough intelligent ones. We are not victimized but we are a minority, an extreme minoirity of a minority of a minority.

Comparing the power and precedent by which Hitler implemented his plans to that of Satanism, particularly Pentagonal Revisionism, is a gross misunderstanding of not only history but of how Satanists actually inflict change in the world. For anyone to suggest that we are going to change things by similar means as that of the great dictators is to illustrate an ignorance of all topics concerned.

Hitler used the masses, wanted them to exist, but in a particular racial and national format. I feel confident in stating that "We" do not. We don't want the masses to exist. The only sense in which we want to use them is towards the annihilation of them. Am I over stepping my bounds here in that educated assumption?

And there are those of us that are working on such a front. Very actively, very realistically and more effectively everyday.

The notion of the "Death Camp" is an ideological fallacy. By what precedent do you actually assume that this will become a realistic possibility or even a desirable one? This suggestion requires two factors:

1. A staggering, shit-shattering rise of a Satanic majority that controls all military and government in a land mass large and well defended enough by both natural and artificial elements. This would require the following:

(A.) Us to ignore the fact that Satanism is not a mass movement, for us to effectively lower our intellectual standards to accept far higher numbers of membership intake and furthermore we must assume that such a strategy would not render our very effectivness as a movement completely null and void by the eventual degeneration of it by the very masses we would "need."

(B.) We would need the overwhelming acceptance of a largely pro-Catholic or Pro-Islamic world almost regardless what nation you reside. Fathom that.

2. That we would not actually need to approach this in a more diligent and responsible fashion. That, economically, this would not result in more trouble than it's worth. We must take into account the following:

(A.) Only a few overt revolutions of thought and power have actually resulted in more power and more stability for those involved. Usually it winds up in a complete disintegration of civilized society and thus destroys all chance of an effective economy.

(B.) A "Satanic Revolution" would immediately result in war with a variety of nations that we would not want to go to war with outright, especially on the onset of a new political regime and all the work that goes along with it.

It is just irrational, silly and stupid to assume that gulags are going to happen. Not for us. It isn't. Get it out of your head. There isn't going to be a "Total War" to "throw out Christ" and "bring back Thor" as much as that tends to be our mutual desire and the battlecry of many Satanists (including myself).

We need to strive for more realistic problem solving and we need to automatically throw out these assertions ON SIGHT. I'm calling for that, very much so. It is an intellectual pestilence and a stifling fairy tale perpetuated by unproductive malcontents. I've seen it in almost every Satanic zine, I've seen it online for almost all of the 10 years I've been actively reading and participating through the internet in regards to Satanism, I've met it in person through conversation with other seemingly like-minded individuals.

Yes, it is a nice thought. No, it is not a good idea!

Satanic influence is about mastery, subversion, subtlety. Satan is the real thief in the night. An assassin, a rogue, a master of virtual espionage. Movers and shakers aren't those that set up their nations to, relatively swiftly, fall into perile. Movers and shakers are those that use whatever effective tools necessary to manipulate the systems and tools by which those "leaders of perile" create for a set amount of time.

No more bed time stories about Herdlings on Pike Staffs, please.
"My dear Insurgent you're an extremist, intolerant and you have prejudices. That's all." - some guy on here who got banned a decade ago

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#345577 - 08/12/08 02:43 AM Re: Best website for those interested in Eugenics! [Re: Enigma777]
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It is quite normal for the media to showcase communism and fascism as if they are brand names for two competitors with different color shirts, and to express serious opinions one way or the other for simply that reason, that the color is different.

One would do well to remember that communism, fascism and capitalism are methods - not people or nations.
"Art is not merely an imitation of the reality of nature, but in truth a metaphysical supplement to the reality of nature, placed alongside thereof for its conquest."
Friedrich Nietzsche

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