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#35118 - 04/12/04 09:52 AM The ever-so-popular Satanism speech
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In my Oral Communications class for college we are suposed to be doing a persuasive presentation on something controversial. I was offered the topic of relgion, naturally, this appealed to me. My question is this:
Does anyone who has done this before have any advice on specific questions which were the most common? I do not want to say anything which is easily misinterpreted, which is why I'd like a good discussion of the most common questions asked.

Ok, well, I think it'd be best if I scrapped the example.

I'll just leave it at this: From the experience of those who have previously discussed Satanism in such a venue, what are the most common questions to be asked after the presentation is over.

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#35119 - 04/12/04 10:15 AM Re: The ever-so-popular Satanism speech [Re: Darkbrace]
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It is your responsibility to get your ideas across, so please do not ask people to put words into your paper. I suggest you come up with a good draft THEN ask for advice and critiques. It is hard to give you advice at this point on how not to be ambiguous other than to be, well, not ambiguous.

The most common questions asked are invariably about the basics. Easy as that.
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#35120 - 04/12/04 10:16 AM Re: The ever-so-popular Satanism speech [Re: Darkbrace]
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If you don't belive [sic] in Satan, why is it called Satanism.

If you can't answer this question on your own, then you should not be standing in front of people talking about Satanism.

Try to use your brain - you obviously need to research (not here) if you don't know the basic arguments for the religion you follow.

Good luck - looks like your going to need it!

#35121 - 04/12/04 10:23 AM Re: The ever-so-popular Satanism speech [Re: Darkbrace]
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May I suggest you do a paper on a religion you're familiar with? Otherwise you would have to research, I know that might sound like a terrible idea, but that's what one has to do if they want to write about something they are no familiar with. If you can't answear that for yourself, which is where you would begin, I wonder what else you would say some lines down...

#35122 - 04/12/04 10:25 AM Re: The ever-so-popular Satanism speech [Re: Darkbrace]
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As my fellow member, Mr.Dean, has correctly pointed out - if you cannot answer this most basic question then you should not be standing up expounding the tenets of Satanism.

This is going to sound overly petulent but I find it difficult to answer without sounding otherwise:

I notice on your profile that you cite your hobby as "reading."

Really, this is explained in The Satanic Bible in no uncertain terms. There is no ambiguity.

My suggestion, therefore, is that you excercise your hobby before you attempt any kind of public speech, otherwise you will be torn to shreds and left floundering.
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#35123 - 04/12/04 10:32 AM Re: The ever-so-popular Satanism speech [Re: Darkbrace]
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My suggestion is to go to , and thoroughly research everything that could conceivably be asked... then re-read it all again... and repeat till you are confident.

THEN... I would choose another subject altogether for the class presentation. I am not being sarcastic, ironic, or anything like that.

Representing Satanism publicly is a job best left to those are fully and unquestionably qualified and ready to do so.

I myself would NOT venture to take on what you're contemplating... not because I do not understand what Satanism is, but simply because there is a difference between having a sufficient understanding of Satanism for oneself, and having the needed speaking and thinking-on-your-feet skills that would allow one to pull off - with class, elegance, and accuracy - what you're thinking of doing.

There is nothing wrong per se with your idea, I just believe you simply are not ready to do it. It sounds like you may have a hostile audience, and my opinion is that only someone authorized by The Church of Satan should attempt something like that in THAT context.

I'm sure that Jack Malebranche, (just for an example), would do a very fine job indeed, but he has been granted the title of Agent in recognition of his (I believe) readiness to do that sort of thing.

Just my opinion.

#35124 - 04/12/04 10:50 AM Re: The ever-so-popular Satanism speech [Re: Darkbrace]
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I do not want to say anything which is easily misinterpreted, which is why I'd like a good discussion of the most common questions asked.

Anything can be easily misinterpreted. This is especially true if, as you seem to imply by your remarks, that your audience might be opposed to our beliefs.

I agree with everyone else. If you can't answer these questions yourself, you should leave it alone.

My final advice...don't do it.

If you absolutely feel you must mention Satanism, do a speech about various religions that have come into being in recent history. In addition to the Church of Satan, you could mention the Church of Subgenius, the new Wiccan movement, Scientology and a host of others.
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