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#35450 - 04/17/04 03:43 PM Re: A change in dreams
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Just think, removing a piece of metal on a chain could have saved you a whole lot of trouble. Naw, but that'd be too easy. and not glorious enough.
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#35451 - 04/17/04 05:01 PM Re: A change in dreams
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bitch bitch bitch
this is a recording...

#35452 - 04/17/04 06:04 PM Re: A change in dreams
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Why are you asking such silly questions. I understand that you are injuryed but you can still give it your best. If they reject you based on your physical condition then at least you gave it a shot (man, I sound like a parent).

There are plenty of thing you can do and achieve even in your state. Think of what you would enjoy and go for it.

I looked into becoming an EMT and Paramedic but to be honest that's just a glorified taxi driver

There are not many taxi drivers out there that will arrive at the scence, stabilize a person and then take the wounded man to the hospital. I don't see any people paying a fee for a paramedic.

"Excues me, EMT guy. I was wondering how much will the fare be to the hostipal? If it is too much I will just walk."

I want to help people in my life and to really aid all of those around me, if I can't figure out anything to do I'm going to try my hand at medical school.

Then go to medical school.

I told him when he was getting me pain killers that it goes against my religeous beliefs to take something that clouds my thoughts and that I need him to keep that in mind when he chooses what to give me.

Clouds your mind? What durgs are they giving you, morphine?
I'll take perscription drugs from a doctor. It's not like he was trying to sell you heroin.

Why are you giving the doctor such a hard time? From what I have read he did not ask you what your beliefs were. It sounded like you just flat out told him. All he is doing is his job. If you don't want medical attention then don't go. Stop impeding his work, which by the way is beneficial to you.

if anyone has an idea for a career path I could look into please let me know, and learn from me, if they can use it against you they will.

A career path for you would be at the mall. You seem very immature.

I have yet to learn anything from you. All you have done is complain.

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#35453 - 04/18/04 06:53 AM Re: A change in dreams
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You know, you've really got a persecution complex going on. It's quite unbecoming.

A Satanist would ask himself "Is keeping this necklace on really worth it?" and, decide against it -- because it's not.

You, on the other hand, told your doctor that you're keeping your necklace on "because [you think you're] a Satanist!" but really it's because you crave the attention of a persecuted individual. If you didn't want to be persecuted for your "beliefs", why did you do it? Really, why? What did it get you besides a headache?

It didn't get you anything and it's going to end up getting you not much more.

My career advice to you would be to drop in an application at Hot Topic because almost everybody I know who works there either has a serious persecution complex or tries to convince everybody that they've got some kind of mental disorder. The managers and assistant managers don't -- but then again, if you're going to be telling people what to do, you shouldn't.
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- Charles M Schulz

“One of the great things about young people is that they do question, that they do care deeply about justice, and they they have open minds.”
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#35454 - 04/18/04 01:25 PM HATE
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If you do indeed hate people, which I can't say as I can blame you, please do not enter the medical or legal field as you will only be a detriment to society in either role. Unless of course that is what you are after?
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#35455 - 04/18/04 10:24 PM Re: Satanic Police Officers [Re: Daguerre]
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Satanism shouldn't affect your job. If anything, it only affects your ignorant co-workers.

It's a philosophical part of you, not a physical impairment. If you can keep it to yourself as needed, it can even be a useful tool in problem-solving for its often more logical approach to evaluating everyday situacions.

It might be best kept to yourself, though, simply because of some higher authority's biased opinions and how their decisions may affect you.

Good luck to you in your chosen field.
"Stupid people do stupid things... smart people outsmart each other... then themselves." --DDevil-SOAD

#35456 - 04/21/04 12:39 PM Re: A change in dreams
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I looked into becoming an EMT and Paramedic but to be honest that's just a glorified taxi driver and I lost interest after 2 months or so, but not until I had accquired a list of useful skills.

With this statement, i can tell that you are not very intelligent. Or that you would stupidly prefer to die in the middle of a car accident instead ofe letting a "glorified taxi driver" attend you, which is actually one more proof of your limited reasoning.

I want to help people in my life and to really aid all of those around me, if I can't figure out anything to do I'm going to try my hand at medical school.

... and yet you call a paramedic a "glorified taxi driver"?
Talking about huge contradictions.

I wouldn't tell him what my beliefs are until a few weeks later when I was put under for surgery I wouldn't take off my Baphomet simply because it does not leave my body. After that his whole attitude towards me changed.

you know... mine would have changed, too... if I were your doctor, i would have thought "what kind of idiot obstacles the work of a doctor who wants to benefit his patient's health?"

This is why I hate people, it's also why I am worried about getting into medicine. I don't want to have to become someone who is always looking at whoever sits in front of me trying to prove that they are out to abuse what I can provide.

If you are that weak, you should not consider yourself a satanist.

Back to the original point though

Too late. You've already depicted yourself as a whiny brat.

if anyone has an idea for a career path I could look into please let me know

Clean restrooms in a train station.
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