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#355674 - 10/14/08 09:45 PM Greetings
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Well I guess this is where I introduce myself and all that jazz. So letís see the basics I am a twenty something male sailor that is currently stationed overseas in Japan. I am in love metal, classical music, and reading everything I can get my hands on. So how did I end up here? Well I was of the Evangelical Christian faith up until joining the military and then suddenly when I wasnít around the Church any more I started to question everything I claimed to believe. Then I looked into various belief systems over the last few years and came across someone reading "The Devil's Notebook." Curious I asked about it and they said that I needed to read it for myself. Well not wanting to wait on them to finish it I got on Amazon to order. Saw other works by Mr. LaVey and decided to order the Satanic Bible and a few other things for good measure. Well I figured why wait on Amazon and looked up the COS website. After reading most of the articles on there I must say that I was struck by how close 90% of what was said is to how I feel about life and people in general. I wont go so far as to say that I am a Satanist yet as I have not earned that title through study of the Satanic Bible and a firm grasp on much of what it means to be a Satanist. What I can say however is that so far everything I have read on the COS rings true for me far better then anything else I have found up till now. I can also say that even if I decide that I am not cut out for the title of Satanist I will continue to study Mr. LaVeysí teachings because even if I donít end up agreeing with all of it I cant deny wisdom when I see it. I look forward to looking through the writings here and learning what I can. More then that I canít wait till my order from Amazon comes in.

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Welcome. You have made a very good decision to study more before slapping the label "Satanist" on your lapel. Study is a very Satanic attribute. wink

EDIT: Or, should I say, the will to study.

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I was also subjected to the horrors of the Evangelical religious cult. I personally consider it to potentially be one of the most psychologically damaging strains of Christianity for any child to be associated with.

But as their own saviour says, they know not what they do. I'm ok now and because they are my parents I've forgiven them. But those churches are truly vile.

May I also recommend our current High Priest, Peter H. Gilmore's book The Satanic Scriptures. It really is a great book that you would definitely not be disappointed with. Hilarious at times. But essentially, it will bring you up to speed on where the CoS and Satanism stands in the world right now.

When I read The Satanic Bible it was like a bolt of lightning. I'm sure I don't need to tell you that.

You are at the beginning of a journey. Above all, enjoy it. There's no need to rush into anything, just take your time and take it all in as you continue along your path.

Welcome to the forums.
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Originally Posted By: LoneNights
Well not wanting to wait on them to finish it I got on Amazon to order.

TAKE NOTE THOSE CLAIMING TO WANT ANSWERS! The sentence quoted shows me that this is one of the few willing to earn them. Welcome to the forum, LoneNights.

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