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#293322 - 12/26/07 10:07 AM Satanic Bible Hard Back!
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Does anyone know of a company whom can or will "make" a hard back copy of the satanic bible..A Book Binding Company? I have been trying to have one made but most of the sights i have found are either out of business or refuse to.

I want one for my alter..

I have also been patiently waiting for Satanic Scriptures to come back in stock. I ordered the soft cover, but i want the hard back too.

any help would be appreciated.

#293324 - 12/26/07 10:16 AM Re: Satanic Bible Hard Back! [Re: Lexifer]
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Ask around your local book antiquarians, collectors, and 2nd hand places.

If that doesn't pan out, and nobody has any better ideas, you might try your hand at it yourself. I've never done it, although I have a few friends who do it as a hobby. This site has an introductory tutorial:

#293325 - 12/26/07 10:17 AM Re: Satanic Bible Hard Back! [Re: Lexifer]
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I have heard that a certain website offers leather bound versions of the hardcover. A little research on your own should yeid some quick results. I am unsure as to the credibility or I would post the link.

"I want one for my alter..."

Your what?
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#293326 - 12/26/07 10:18 AM Re: Satanic Bible Hard Back! [Re: Lexifer]
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There's one site that will take a paperback TSB and rebound it with a hardcover. They don't support the CoS, though, so the link won't be posted here. Try doing a Google search.

Or, if you don't mind paying a LOT, you could see if any of the University Press hardcovers are available at
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#293339 - 12/26/07 11:42 AM Re: Satanic Bible Hard Back! [Re: Lexifer]
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You can sometimes find copies of the original University Books release of the Hardcover Satanic Bible online. Although, they are quite expensive. I've seen decent copies going for as much as $1,500.
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#293358 - 12/26/07 12:56 PM Re: Satanic Bible Hard Back! [Re: spook show]
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Re: to Tier Instinct
Its a table full of my neatly stacked books i don't keep them on a shelf. LOL cause I don't know why .. but my roommate refers it as my alter so it rubbed off on me.. lol


I do want to thank you all for your reply and i will continue on my quest for a company that will bind the book for me..

If i don't find a company that will do it i will pay for a University press copy.

#293371 - 12/26/07 02:02 PM Re: Satanic Bible Hard Back! [Re: Lexifer]
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You could also get an empty notebook and handwrite it into the notebook.

That would make it quite a personal item.

I've considered it many times, but my handwriting is like chicken scratch!

#293450 - 12/26/07 06:36 PM Re: Satanic Bible Hard Back! [Re: Lexifer]
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Quite a coincidence I ran across your post...I just recently rebound my copy and came out to my surprise with an amazing result. I would be happy to make you one, I am not looking for business I would do it "Pro-Bono". I have been studying a site that gives instructions for amatuer book binding and through trial and error still came out with a high quality book. Drop me a pr.message, I do not have a lot of free time, but I would not mind to help you out,all I would ask would to be patient./Sidewinder.
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#293462 - 12/26/07 06:56 PM Re: Satanic Bible Hard Back! [Re: Sidewinder1313]
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how about the goat skin hand made copys from those who have lost people? LMAO
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#293560 - 12/27/07 06:21 AM Re: Satanic Bible Hard Back! [Re: Adversaryan]
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 Originally Posted By: Adversaryan
how about the goat skin hand made copys from those who have lost people? LMAO

I'm sure going to miss this guy.
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#293619 - 12/27/07 11:21 AM Re: Satanic Bible Hard Back! [Re: Lexifer]
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Google the Following: Satanic Bibles
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#293628 - 12/27/07 11:37 AM Re: Satanic Bible Hard Back! [Re: Storm]
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Thank you all for your posts! After calling a couple other companies I found though Google. I found one that will bind it in leather with a baphomet stamped into the cover.

I also recived a Pm that gave me some great leads.. so. in a nut shell my search has finally ended..


#294890 - 12/31/07 02:29 PM Re: Satanic Bible Hard Back! [Re: Lexifer]
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You could try link removed
I have made a few nice hardbacks there. You would probably not want to put original author info in it as they won't print it if they find out it isn't yours to duplicate.

Definitely read the fine print

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#356046 - 10/17/08 09:50 PM Re: Satanic Bible Hard Back! [Re: spook show]
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I dunno what thickness has been in the aire lately but there has been 3 hardcovers on eBay within the last few months. After a little wiggle of my nose & some 'BloodFire' chambering I got my version:


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