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#357925 - 11/01/08 02:52 PM Yet Another Introduction
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Being that I couldn't get an answer from the admin as to where the Introduction Forum is located, to cover myself, I'm posting this new one.

Hell o to All.
Please to meet you, I am Em (nickname). Single, white, female, mid 30's living in the great infernal armpit that is Las Vegas. I am a refugee from California that came out 14 years ago in search of jobs because of the job disparity in my little hometown. I work as a computer IT/ technical support tech for an international shipping company. I am not married, nor ever have been. I don't have any children, unless my 14-year-old, 4-legged feline child, Isis, counts. I love animals, nature, the smell of earth, the autumn months, thunderstorms, and the fresh maker, Mentos.

Due to my Asperger syndrome I am very much a self-reflective, antisocial introvert. I have just recently discovered these inventions of forums, chat groups and I just found out what bloging is. (insert laugh track here). As everything I do socially is an experiment, this is MY social experiment.

I have been an undeclared atheist since I was 14. Throughout the years, because of my heritage, I have looked into, educated myself on, but never perused Theodism, Germanic heathenry, Anglo-Saxon heathenry, Norse heathenry and Asatru. Because of my extensive personal studies into heathenry I am well versed in Migration Period, Dark Ages and Medieval European history and literature. I am any artist and crafter of many skills including, soapstone metal casting, armor making, costuming/fashion, faux painting, lithographs, leather crafts, pen and ink and many more.

Going on some 10 or 12 years now, I have been existing enough to acknowledge an existence within the world. Always feeling that the world around me was veiled in some way, out of focus or I was out of focus in it. My life as it was, was rather self-loathing and self destructive due to what I thought was depression. I did not fit in to the mold of normal people. I did not believe what family or others believed. I did not feel as others did about things. I couldn't understand why people lie, especially to themselves. I did not understand the social games people played. I could not comprehend why people choose be told what to believe instead of finding out for them selves what was true to them. It wasn’t till I read the Satanic Bible that the light bulb went on, the Acme anvil dropped, the 2001: Also spoke Zarathustra played, and the searing burst of an epiphany exploded in my skull. Everything was made so clear. Wow what wonderful awakening!

I am here to attempt being social, hopefully learn a bit more about Satanism and where I can, share a little of myself.
I do not assume.
I read.
If the context or words are adverse,
I ask.
I do not assume.

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This is a great introduction. Welcome to the forum!
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