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#358023 - 11/02/08 07:29 AM Satan Speaks!
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This is a beautiful insight into a wonderful mind. This book promises to deliver exactly what you would expect from "The Black Pope": philosophy & Satanic views on topics from abortion, to the good old days, to Death Metal music, "annointed" with his dark charm that would make you feel as though you were in the room with the man himself, as he spoke each word with a sparkling squint in his eye and a "wise-ass" smile.

I truly love this book and can't put it down. I suggest it to anyone who wants to further look into the mind and very world of Anton Szandor LaVey.
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#368230 - 01/12/09 03:07 AM Re: Satan Speaks! [Re: ArtAche86]
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'Satan Speaks" is definitely one for the personal library...

Hester, you are so correct when you say it is a "beautiful insight into a wonderful mind"
I've read all of Dr LaVey's books- he "hit the nail on the head" with such a vast array of subjects, and his dry sense of humour was evident throughout all of his books- have you read " The Devil's Notebook" yet? There is a chapter in it towards rhe end entitled "Let Me Entertain You"... I won't spoil it for you in case you haven't read it yet, but lets just say that it is a hilarious example of The Doc's sense of humour!
The rest of the book is a highly entertaining, insightful read too- If you found "Satan Speaks" hard to put down, you'll just love "The Devil's Notebook"- I'ts definitely worth tracking down if you haven't already. coopdevil
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#371297 - 02/07/09 06:17 AM Re: Satan Speaks! [Re: Kel9]
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I have read 'Satan Speaks' so many times now and it still doesnt cease to amuse me!

#371950 - 02/16/09 06:50 AM Re: Satan Speaks! [Re: LolitaVonLush]
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Yes, his insight into various topics is very sharp and clever, and his sense of humor is definitely evident throughout the book. Anyone wanting to get a feel for his style, wit, and wisdom should definitely buy this book. I have read it over and over and as Lolita said, it never ceases to amuse me. I wish I had personally known him, because he is exactly the type of person I love to be around.
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#372343 - 02/20/09 03:36 AM Re: Satan Speaks! [Re: Mensch]
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I actually just ordered Satan Speaks today, it finally completes my library of books by the Doktor - can't wait to devour it! coopdevil
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#372426 - 02/20/09 10:52 PM Re: Satan Speaks! [Re: Hedonist]
ParaBellum Offline

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The first essay, "God of the assholes" had me rolling. I had only read TSB up to that point. So of course I had to go and get The Devil's Notebook for some more wisdom.

#386268 - 06/29/09 08:34 AM Re: Satan Speaks! [Re: ParaBellum]
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I just finished reading this one, I enjoyed it so much that it was done in two sittings. Wonderful insights, poetic literature that one can only expect to be best delivered from the pen of LaVey. And I concur, the humor contained demands multiple reads.
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#387007 - 07/07/09 10:37 AM Re: Satan Speaks! [Re: Born]
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This was the second book I read of Lavey, has a very good, I enjoy a lot Read.a Big hug.

#387008 - 07/07/09 10:41 AM Re: Satan Speaks! [Re: ArtAche86]
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I agree if you say what a great sense of humor at once a very wise and very good philosophy, I love that book, by the way nice dog lovely your dog smile animals are more noble than many people in the World.One hug.

#388011 - 07/16/09 10:27 PM Re: Satan Speaks! [Re: [email protected]]
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I liked Satan Speaks! as well. It was a great read, and I definitely appreciated LaVey's use of humor to make his point where appropriate. I also agree that if you liked this book, The Devil's Notebook will be a great read. I prefer The Devil's Notebook of the two, but it's by a slight margin. Both are enlightening books, I have to say.
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#391047 - 08/09/09 10:48 AM Re: Satan Speaks! [Re: cheryablinsk70]
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I have read this book. It was okay. I did appreciate the humor that Anton LaVey would through in his book. It was a great book for many quick reads because the book is divided into small essays. There were a few good subjects but other's just did not catch my interest. It was worth reading, but it was not quite my cup of tea.
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#391231 - 08/11/09 03:24 PM Re: Satan Speaks! [Re: mb_goatis]
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Originally Posted By: mb_goatis
It was worth reading, but it was not quite my cup of tea.

Honestly, that was my initial take on it too. (And for the record, I was already a COS member at the time, so LaVey's works were hardly new to me.) But then I read it a second time, and thought "Oh, OK. This makes a lot more sense now." It was sort of like watching a weird cult flick or album of strange music, where I wasn't sure what to make of it at first but then grew to really like it. Another Satanist I know went through the same exact feelings with the book.

I'm not saying the same will necessarily happen to you if you read it a second time, but based on my own personal experience, it's just something I'd recommend. [shrug]
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#406999 - 12/29/09 07:44 AM Re: Satan Speaks! [Re: Bill_M]
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Personally, my favorite part of the book is the back cover, which shows Mr. LaVey--the sinister, diabolical "Black Pope"--actually SMILING! It's rather ironic, considering many of the essays have a profoundly bitter tone to them. It seems kind of like a big "fuck you" to his enemies.

#409192 - 01/18/10 08:44 AM Re: Satan Speaks! [Re: M.D. Roche]
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You know, I had similar thoughts about the back cover. Dr. LaVey's facial expression contains that hint of bitter humor, that "something" you can't quite put your finger on. it gives the (correct) impression that he knows more than he lets on to.
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#418899 - 04/17/10 07:58 PM Re: Satan Speaks! [Re: ArtAche86]
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This is really one of my favorite books. I bought it in 2002 at Borders in Dunwoody, Atlanta, GA. I remember on the walk home reading "The God of the Assholes."

There is a lot of great wisdom contained within it's pages. Some of it seems obvious really, but that is because it has been years since I initially read it, have devoured it often and really taken to heart a great deal of the writing.

First of all, because I want to get this out of the way, I will say that "Stereo: Scam of the century" could not be more inaccurate for me personally. I have a definite amount of expertise in the area to form a solid opinion on, having mixed hundreds of hours of recordings.

There was definitely a time when Stereo was misused to the point of being a complete joke and almost a fad. Sonically, stereo sucked from it's conception until about maybe 1974, give or take a year or two. This era was plagued with the exact problem Dr. LaVey describes in the essay. That is to say a lot of records were absolutely ruined by hard panning instruments. Jimi Hendrix did interesting things early on, but I think by the late 70's records sounded like they were supposed to, like a soundstage.

I like to think he was referrring to those particular abominations rather than the modern, balanced, audiophilia minded stereo releases of the post-70's musical world. If not, we can agree to disagree on something so minute.

The rest of it is solid, witty, enjoyable and reflected some of the finer points of Satanism. I really loved "The Good Old Days" because it is exactly what my 92 yhear old great-grandmother had been telling me since I was a child.

"Why walk" foretells the future and asks the honest question pertaining to why exactly should anyone care what someone else thinks in such a situation.

I found a lot to like about the bit on "Aquisition." This proved valueble when one day I was trying to track down exactly what records I have ever bought. Needless to say, starting with the first letter of the alphabet does not work.

The book does a great job explaining why your complete 1992 mint condition X-Men books will always be worthless. I quite enjoyed that one too.

I have never been a gun nut. Something about the loud noise they make, but the section about them was well informed and entertaining.

Anton LaVey really hit the nail on the head with his "Inventions" essay. And as a brief aside, yes, the 100-mpg carburator exists.

I could come up with a reason that every other essay in this fabulous book makes for great reading, but you should read them for yourself before I spoil it. There is a wide array of topics, big and small inside. These 61 essays (plus some jokes and one-liners, "quotables" in the back) have weird tales, familiar topics and offer a great afternoon of entertainment at worst and a lifetime of wisdom. You just might find yourself noticing some of the observations yourself for the truth they represent.

#419694 - 04/26/10 08:35 PM Re: Satan Speaks! [Re: SomethingLikEvil]
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I very much enjoyed this book along with Th Satanic Bible and the scriptures. As someone new to satanism and its concept these books were very enlightening and proved to win me over. LaVey is a brilliant writer.
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#419883 - 04/28/10 06:41 PM Re: Satan Speaks! [Re: Adveser]
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I fell in love with Satan Speaks immediately! Dr. LaVey has a brilliant and eloquent way of stating his views and is a natural writer. For me, many of the essays put into words many of my close held opinions and feelings. This was the first book I bought after the Satanic Bible and I was again blown away! Three thumbs up!
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