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#358350 - 11/04/08 05:26 AM Satanic baby steps
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Well my Amazon order came in recently and I have read through The Satanic Bible. I will soon be reading The Devils Notebook once I reread TSB. There was no bolt of lighting when reading TSB simply putting a name to things that I have always believed to be true. Sure there were kernels of this in various dogmatic faiths and philosophical texts but nothing put it all together like TSB.
I cannot yet call myself a Satanist however because I still have much work to do before I am putting all of those principles to work in my life as I should be. Too long have I let one dogma or another dictate that which is "good" when I knew full well I secretly scoffed at it. I looked for a salvation that I didn’t really believe in because I knew no other way. Now I have bases for all the "blasphemous" thoughts and feelings that I have had over the years that no amount of hollow prayers or self inflicted guilt could ride me of. I have seen in these wonderful pages a truth that until I was introduced to the COS I feared to admit. But once I started to learn about the Satanic religion I couldn’t get enough and it was like a light sparked in the darkness and low and behold there was a path that I knew had to be there the whole time.
So now I start my journey down the Devils road with pride though I may stumble from time to time I have a guide post in the teachings of Anton LaVey to whom I will be grateful forever more for the wonderful work he has done in creating the most logical book that I have ever read. Well its one foot in front of the other from here on out and may I be lucky enough to meet some like minds along the way. When the happy day comes that I feel I have put enough work into myself and study into the literature of the good Doctor to call myself a Satanist I will gladly be sending in my 200for my red card. Till then I learn, listen, and if I feel I can contribute or have a question I will post. So it is for the first time I can say with pride...
Hail Satan.
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#358464 - 11/04/08 03:51 PM Re: Satanic baby steps [Re: LoneNights]
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After years of being force-fed the Holy Bible, I decided as an adult atheist to read the Satanic Bible. Upon my first read-through, I was shocked and amazed to learn that rather than another organized religion, Satanism embodies the opposite of organized religion, and concentrates on earthly human matters. I've always told myself since becoming an atheist that I believe in myself, rather than god. And that's what Satanism is all about.. belief in the idea that if you want anything in this world, it's up to you to make it happen.. praying is futile and pointless.

I even found the Satanic Bible to be inspirational to me personally.. on my first read-through I realized that I AM A PSYCHIC VAMPIRE and one of the very people that Dr. LaVey warn readers against. I took that knowledge (which was very real and easy for me to understand) and have taken steps to become a better person, instead of such a psychic leech. I don't know.. it's hard sometimes.. people are super easy to manipulate and I find myself wanting to fall back on my old tricks.

The Satanic Bible has improved me as a person... because of this, I can truly say that I am a Satanist.

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I want to comment on your post, PaulDuet.
You may or may not get flack for saying that you made changes after The Satanic Bible...but not from me.
I was told, by my wife, that I also underwent changes after reading it. I did not realize it, but stepping back, she was right. As she put it, I became more engaged in life.
It goes without saying that Satanists are born, not made...but there is a lot to be said for being given the tools to put your thoughts in order. It is like having this feeling you do not belong to your parents, and you find out you were adopted, meet your birth parents, and everything seems to click in your head.

I also appreciate the fact that you admitted to your fault, and that you chose to do something about it. Very Satanic. I wish I could say I have done the same...but it turns out I am perfect. wink

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"I even found the Satanic Bible to be inspirational to me personally.. on my first read-through I realized that I AM A PSYCHIC VAMPIRE and one of the very people that Dr. LaVey warn readers against."

This is a first, at least in someone admitting this that I have seen. What do you do, or were you doing that would position you to be a Psychic Vampire?
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Anton Szandor LaVey, The Satanic Bible


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