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#35910 - 04/18/04 01:19 AM Non-satanist joining COS?
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I am about to send my application off to join the COS, my lovely "wife" would like to do the same even though she is not a satanist. she is avery big fan of satansim and has read alot of the literature etc. she belives that the COS should be supported. would the people at TCOS have a problem with an non satanic member?

#35911 - 04/18/04 01:32 AM A prize! [Re: LadyJane]
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I think you may have won the prize for most curious question I have seen in quite a while!

If your wife has read our literature and is a "fan" of Satanism, how is it that she is not a Satanist in the first place?

If this is an issue of not making her affiliation public, I can assure you that many of our members, myself included, do not make their membership public at all.

Beyond that I am rather stumped at why anyone would wish to support the CoS and not consider themselves a member.

Perhaps this is something commonly done and I am simply unaware of it, but if there is a personal issue which is at cause (which is obviously evading me) please do not hesitate to email or PM regarding the details and the Church will certainly address it.

Beyond that, I of course defer to any member of the Church hierarchy who may have a more direct answer.

#35912 - 04/18/04 11:27 AM Re: A prize! [Re: Nemo]
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OOOH! a prize how exiting lol

Yes she does understand satanism and she agrees with it for the most part, but she doesn't see herself when she reads the material,she knows she is not "Born" a satanist.

she has seen what adiffrence "satanism" has made in my life and the life we have made together,especilly since we have faced quite a bit of prejudice due to the nature of our relationship. She is grateful for what satanism has helped me to become,she say's if it wasn't for the COS and Anton Lavey we might not be together today. My strenght has rubbed off on her!!

so she want's to give a little back!!

I realise that membership is striclty a private affair and know one will know unless you tell them. But we thought it would be poilite to ask


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