*** Note: This new site is not Specifically Satanic in nature. Please limit all Satanic Discussion to this message board and the new version of the Undercroft Satanic Social Network (coming shortly). All Satanic Discussion will be deleted on EveningKiss.com and if it becomes a problem, users will be banned. EveningKiss.com is for the BDSM Lifestyle only. If you have no interest in BDSM, Don't Join! Seriously! ***

Get in on the ground floor, and get a free Premium Account for 6 months!!! The site is now open for use, it is in the Public Beta stage which means that there may be a few little bugs and some features may not be working. Overall the site is 90% fully functional.

As a special welcome, we are offer anyone who signs up during our Public Beta a free Premium account for 6 months, plenty of time to test the site out and make sure it is for you! The only thing you need to do is sign up and your account will automatically be upgraded, its just that easy!

So if BDSM is your lifestyle, we welcome you with open arms!!!


From Hell,

Magister Frost

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