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#36046 - 04/18/04 04:23 PM deities, loas and daemons - oh, my!

Sincere greetings to all on this board. I would be very interested in hearing the opinions of the CoS Magistra, Priests and General Members on the topic of entities like the above. Do you regard them as objectively or/and subjectively "real", as creatures of human imagination created to express archetypes or as irrelevant to Satanism (as its philosophy focuses on the self). If they are employed, is this purely in a ritualistic setting as a means to an end, or do individual Satanists find they have a rapport with certain beings? I have a very strong working relationship with the Haitian voudon loas, whom I did NOT seek out - they recruited me!! I hope my question makes sense to readers; unfortunately, the precise words ahave been difficult to find, as occult terminology is so negatively loaded in Western society and "gods" seems more appropriate to a discussion on theology than Satanism. Thankyou for your help and I look forward to reading your replies.

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The answer to your question can be found both in The Satanic Bible by Anton Szandor LaVey, and in the essay, "Anton LaVey: On Occultism of the Past," the latter of which found in the Theory/Practice area of the official Church of Satan website. A full perusal of the site is also recommended.

Simply stated, Satanism does not support the belief of actual demons and deities.
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