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#362633 - 11/27/08 08:02 AM LttD Becoming Fee-Based [Re: lusus naturae]
Reverend Atreus Offline
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The least Satanic thing about LttD is that it has been free. The fact that it has been here at all is appreciated. Magister Ventrue has done everyone a great service at his expense for too long. No Satanist worth their sulfur would say that this should be free and that Magister Ventrue should provide it for free.

#362634 - 11/27/08 08:30 AM Re: Blast From the Past! [Re: Magister Frost]
Bloodfire Offline

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I wouldn't mind too much if subscriptions were required. I do see Zaftig's point in that newbies with potential might be turned off by the posts in the remaining free sections.

Another idea is this: there are a number of very talented CoS members with projects to market. Why not charge for ads, like how MySpace Ads does it, by bid per time frame and with charges perhaps per click. There could be a standard size specified and ads would need to be approved beforehand, but imagine how this could benefit all parties involved.
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#362635 - 11/27/08 08:36 AM Re: LttD Becoming Fee-Based [Re: Reverend Atreus]
lusus naturae Offline

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Despite the attacks and MY lack of "tact", I may have helped the cause by the poll numbers?

Thank you Andy Kaufman "Inter-Gender Wrestling Champion of the World".

And despite any assumptions, as a business owner myself, Magister_Ventrue should not fit the bill alone. The minimal fee is fair.

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#362638 - 11/27/08 09:21 AM Re: Subscriptions ??? [Re: Magister Frost]
Apprenticius Offline
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I fully support your move to begin charging a subscription fee for the LttD. Instead of a poll asking if we would be willing to pay a nominal fee of $1 or $2 it may be more beneficial to produce a poll that gives us a range for what we would be willing to pay a year. Don’t sell yourself short by asking so little.

For example, a poll that’s asks us,

“What is LttD worth to you a year?

• $24
• $36
• $48
• $66

Once you see where the numbers fall, base the subscription on where you will get the biggest bang for your efforts.

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#362639 - 11/27/08 09:21 AM Re: Subscriptions ??? [Re: Magister Frost]
Warlock Bell Offline

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Magister Ventrue,

I would personaly have no problem with paying fee for this WONDERFUL forum. I was even wondering why there were no fee at all to begin with...


Warlock Sonny
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#362654 - 11/27/08 10:39 AM Re: Blast From the Past! [Re: Magister Frost]
Tiberia Offline

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Magister Ventrue,

Perhaps you could offer free subscriptions with Evening Eclipse/Emporium orders over a certain dollar amount. That would help cover your costs at LttD and boost sales at the same time. wink

#362680 - 11/27/08 03:50 PM Re: Subscriptions ??? [Re: Warlock Bell]
Mephisto Offline

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I have no problem in paying a fee, and as has been stated before it is about time there was one. Having in it all hanging in your "wallet" all these years must have not been easy.

#362686 - 11/27/08 05:28 PM Re: Subscriptions ??? [Re: Mephisto]
Lyra Offline

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I would have no problems with this. I intend on submitting my Membership Application myself in a few months, and what from what I have heard, the "downstairs" is easily worth a small yearly fee.
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#362720 - 11/28/08 02:06 AM Re: Subscriptions ??? [Re: Lyra]
Satanarchiste Offline

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12 or 24 $ for one Year !!!!


This Forum is VITAL for a Satanist !



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#362722 - 11/28/08 02:59 AM Re: Blast From the Past! [Re: Magister Frost]
SueW Offline
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Your generosity has been overwhelming. Your business ethics impecable. The time that you spend not only maintaining the sites(both Lttd and Undercroft) as well as the time assisting those of us who have a problem connecting to renovations ( as you did with me with the last incarnation of Undercroft) have all been donated freely by you. And, personally , greatly appreciated.
I am surprised that this has not come up before this. The fee would be money well spent. One pays willingly for that of value to them.
You have worked very hard to keep the sites secure and the membership on both safe. Thank you.

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#362738 - 11/28/08 07:53 AM Re: Blast From the Past! [Re: Magister Frost]
Roho_the_Rooster Offline
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Originally Posted By: Magister_Ventrue

I am also trying to work out a way for the Undercroft to stay free, currently it is going to cost me a little under $1000 to bring it back online in software fees.

Would it help if we had the option of paying for one year up front of LttD services?
That may take some of the pressure off of launching Undercroft.

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#362791 - 11/28/08 01:27 PM Re: Subscriptions ??? [Re: Magister Frost]
French Lady Offline
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I would pay without hesitation. I thoroughly enjoy the insights and opinions of many members, and estimate the fee to be some of my best-spent money in terms of "what do I get from it."

I can see 3 drawbacks:

As Zaftig stated, new people would be expected to pay without knowing what they are spending their money for. However, many pay the COS membership fee without any other insight than the available literature and website, because they consider it worth it. These sources are still available for someone considering joining LttD. I am not talking about people who might want their red card to get access to the LttD basement, first because LttD and the CoS are different entities, second, because even those who do so don't know what they'll find "down there." These persons apparently find motivation enough from the available resources. Many members who make the most worthwhile contributions here also have their own blog or website, which would also still be available. In addition, a couple of forums would still be available to the public,which would provide some more specific insight.

Another problem might be the shit-disturbers: Certainly having to pay a fee would filter out most of them, but one would still find some particularly persistent chunks, who would be doubly annoying because they would now feel entitled to our undivided attention: they paid, so they are kings. Kicking them out would breed a lot more resentment than it does now, probably with subsequent harassment.

Third point: posters are supposed to "pay their way" here by contributing in a constructive manner, but there might be a few users who will clutter the forums with unconstructive, pointless and stupid "social chat," and feel entitled to do so because they "already paid their way in." In the long run, these will more than probably fall into the n°2 problem section, though.

All in all, I see no drawbacks in instauring a fee. That is, apart from actually making the payment itself! cry
According to a gentleman here, it seems I am "Gloriously Depraved!"

Thank you.

#362816 - 11/28/08 04:17 PM Re: Subscriptions ??? [Re: Magister Frost]
Enchantress Offline

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I was wondering when this would come up.

I have no problem with a subscription fee (Your call, your Lair).

Besides offsetting out of pocket costs to you, it would also help to get rid of people who complain about such things.
I enjoy your websites and appreciate all the hard work that you have put into them. They have value and provide a place for the vital exchange of ideas.

Thank you for creating and maintaining them, and I wish you continued success in all of your endeavours!

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#362835 - 11/28/08 05:39 PM Go for it. [Re: Magister Frost]
Linguascelesta Offline

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To be honest I've often said that charging even just a small fee here would help to screen out many undesirables.

And that's completely aside from your own financial situation (ie, the money actually being needed to keep the thing running).

#362851 - 11/28/08 07:37 PM Re: Subscriptions ??? [Re: Magister Frost]
Eibon Offline

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I have to agree with most people on the thread. It's really quite difficult to just refer to this as a Website. I have met Friends and foes here. I have grown and made mistakes here. I have learned and Satan forbid, may have even got a point or 2 across here. I met my Fiance here ( sorry Magister, I know you cringe at the meeting people parts but it is true). I have have received words of encouragement and support in times of need, and been able to offer them in return. I have had so many great laughs and fits of anger while sitting in the parlor of this great virtual Black House.
Now, our landlord is asking for a little bit to help offset construction and hedge trimming. What ever You ask Magister, it is a small price to pay for so many memories had as well as those yet to come. Count me in for at the base of things, THIS is the house Ventrue built and we are ALL lucky to have such a gracious Host.

I vote for subscriptions.

May I add the idea of varying lengths of subscription? May be a short subscription option for newbies such as a month-by-month subscription.

Er.. and how about a candle of the month club.... I would LOVE that!!!!

Thank you Magister for everything you have done for us.

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