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#36675 - 04/22/04 09:24 PM Theistic Satanists
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After doing research on different aspects of Satanism, I discovered that there are what are called "Theistic Satanists" out there. These people actually believe that there is a being called Satan in the universe/whatever. I was wondering if these people are allowed to join the COS, or does the COS not want them?

#36676 - 04/22/04 09:31 PM The answer is no. [Re: No4HorsemenHere]
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Satanists do not believe in a literal Satan. To deify is to lie, and Thou shalt have no other god before thyself!

Anyone who claims to be a "theistic satanist" is a dangerous person, just look at all the damage done by "theistic christians"
"Satanism has become a gravitational force. We know that it doesn't matter what you were before. Once you discover your Satanic persona, that's it. You knew it was lurking inside you. You just couldn't quite conceptualize it." - Anton Szandor LaVey

#36677 - 04/22/04 09:36 PM Re: The answer is no. [Re: Moria]
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So you know, only CoS heirarchy or LttD moderators may answer questions posted here.

Your response, and my response to your response, will be deleted shortly.

An official will answer the question, and lock this thread.

Please do not respond to questions in this section, although you may ask questions of the CoS heirarchy here.

You're welcome.

#36678 - 04/22/04 09:43 PM Re: The answer is no. [Re: Moria]
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Just so you know, the management of the board would prefer that only moderators and hierarchy members respond to posts in this particular forum (CoS Questions).

However, you are correct, and that's about all that needs to be said.

"Theistic Satanists" are, to my way of thinking, no dirfferent than Christians, Muslims, Jews, etc. They ALL believe in imaginary people.

'Belief in one false principal is the beginning of all unwisdom...'

They all put their fate in the hands of an external entity who may or may not even exist. This, from a practical point of view, seems rather foolish.

Such a person could probably register as a member of the Church of Satan, however, upon filling out an Active Membership or interacting with other members - they would quickly be found out and would likely be ejected on principal.


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