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#368031 - 01/10/09 12:38 PM Are Satanists Atheists or not?
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Anton LaVey wrote in The Satanic Bible:

"It is a popular misconception that the Satanist does not believe in God. The concept of "God", as interpreted by man, has been so varied throughout the ages, that the Satanist simply accepts the definition which suits him best."

He then goes on and talks about God as a "powerful force which permeates and balances the universe". But most people I have heard from, claiming to be satanist also call themselves atheists. But how can they call themselves atheists when it is said in The Satanic Bible that satanists in fact are not atheists?
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#368039 - 01/10/09 01:34 PM Re: Are Satanists Atheists or not? [Re: Herr_S]
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Here is a hint: Read the whole chapter.

Then, if I'm not mistaken, the following chapter.
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#368065 - 01/10/09 04:59 PM Re: Are Satanists Atheists or not? [Re: Herr_S]
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Read the very next sentence that comes right after the part you quoted. Then read the next chapter ("The God You Save May Be Yourself", which spans a mere 2 pages) for further details on that sentence.

The short answer is that Satanists are indeed atheists. We do not believe in the existence of any sort of metaphysical deities. That's what "atheism" means ("a" + "theism" = without belief in deity). We recognize deities as being inventions of the human mind. Unlike your typical run-of-the-mill atheist though, we don't blindly dismiss ritual or the symbolism of self-deification as useless.
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