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#36913 - 04/24/04 11:53 PM The Devil's Rain

After finally being able to watch the film "The Devil's Rain" I am forced to wonder. Why would LaVey, and Diane his wife at the time, be willing to not only be apart of but aid in the overall production of a film such as this in which the Satanist group has nothing to do with anything that the CoS believes in or represents? Durring the opening credits they even mention that LaVey in the technical consultant and that he is a High Priest in the Church of Satan. I might be wrong but it just seems to me that people who would watch this film and not know anything about Satanism would be given all of the "proof" that they need that all Satanism consists of are evil men who are agents of the devil whose mindless minions have had their souls taken from them and so they do their master's bidding by attacking those who get too close in an attempt to steal their souls. I understand that to make a "horror" film about the way real Satanists live would bore most people to tears and make the others feel guilty that these "evil" people are more law abiding and overall better people in their daily lives than they are even though they go to church every Sunday and put their 10% in the collection plate.

I guess this wouldn't be something that I wonder about if in the opening credits they hadn't sited him as being a High Priest in the CoS. I personally enjoyed the movie quite a bit but I also know what Satanism is and what is means to be a Satanist so I was able to simply enjoy it has a horror film with someone I look up to having been an important part of the film. Did LaVey ever give a reason as to his motivation for helping to make such a film? I just see it as something that could end up being counter productive in many ways. If anyone could please provide me with any information I may not have come across and therefore don't know about this film I would really appreciate it.


I also wonder why Marilyn Manson was ordained by LaVey himself being that his pro-drug use and pro-suicide views are often what are seen most often by people and that is also counter-productive. I may enjoy him as an artist and a musician, I just feel he could be doing more with the soapbox he has been given through the media.

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Satanism has a long-standing aesthetic relationship with Horror Films and B-Movies.

Anyone who would look to a horror film or a b-movie for a clear and accurate representation of anything needs their head examined.

Horror Films and B-Movies are Fun. Satanists like to have fun. Dr. LaVey had fun participating in the film, and I'm sure he was paid for his part in the project, not to mention the free publicity.

If people are put off by this, they are the exact type of people who should be put off.
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