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#335985 - 06/23/08 02:41 PM Re: George Carlin dies at 71 [Re: WolfMoon]
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It may be surprising to say this about a comedian but Carlin was one of the first channels of what I would later term Satanic thinking in my life. I caught his HBO specials as a kid and he immediately struck me as "Holy shit, this guy is not only funny as hell...he has a damn good point!"

Few comedians can be said to be actually thought provoking. Carlin was a philosopher as much as he was a comedian, a scholar of English as well as its most ardently vulgar speaker.

Admit it, you still refuse to call it a hot water heater (hot water don't need heatin'!), and you now know the difference between forte (for-tay) and forte (fort). "Her forte was the skin flute, and she played it forte."

Joe bless you Mr. Carlin.
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#335991 - 06/23/08 03:09 PM Re: George Carlin dies at 71 [Re: Hagen von Tronje]
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Originally Posted By: LeviathanXIII
It may be surprising to say this about a comedian but Carlin was one of the first channels of what I would later term Satanic thinking in my life.

Not surprising at all. He had a certain perspective.

"Life is the only race you lose by reaching the end." - M.M.

#336033 - 06/23/08 06:45 PM Re: George Carlin dies at 71 [Re: Roho_the_Rooster]
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I haven't been touched like this by a celebrity death since Dr. Seuss died.

You are missed George.

Hail George Carlin!
Be the White Rabbit.

#336038 - 06/23/08 07:02 PM Re: George Carlin dies at 71 [Re: Hagen von Tronje]
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Joe bless you Mr. Carlin.


I did not know about George Carlin until very recently (I think it was from The Devils Mischief) but I quickly became a fan...

Here's one of my favorite clips:

Good bye sir Carlin! Your body will soon disappear into the earth but your legend will never die!

#336044 - 06/23/08 07:48 PM Re: George Carlin dies at 71 [Re: Mr Avarice]
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Meanwhile, Carlos "Michael Vick should be free" Mencia is still alive.

This is HORRIBLE news.
Mistaking insolence for freedom has always been the hallmark of the slave.
-Wilhelm Reich

#336054 - 06/23/08 09:00 PM Re: George Carlin dies at 71 [Re: WolfMoon]
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23 June XLIII A.S.

My thoughts on the matter are here.
Ever Forward!
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#336064 - 06/23/08 10:13 PM Re: George Carlin dies at 71 [Re: WolfMoon]
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I almost did not post anything. But, I am finding I am so far from alone in My feelings today. (sigh) I woke today and felt this.. need to cry. I know, hokum. I opened My laptop and the first thing I find is an email from a friend telling Me George had died last night. I think I lasted for about 2-3 seconds before breaking into a real, full blown cry. At the end of the day, I discovered that most people today were grumpy.. cantankerous.. unsettled. In some way, it is as if the entire planet sobbed in some way. There was simply nothing funny about it.

When I was little and could not figure out why I was so different, I discovered George's "Seven Words You Can't Say.." tape. It was one of My first bits of wonder and affirmation. There WERE others like Me!!! I bought the cassette, and then cut a big hole in the pages of a book, glued them to form a secret compartment, and then hid the tape in it. It was My "drug." My first "altar" of sorts-lol. And today took Me back to when I discovered I was not the profane one.. the ones crying wolf were in fact the profane abusers of the innocent and trusting. George helped reassure Me: I was not alone. Maybe few, but not alone. The strength afforded Me from that realization was incredible. It inspired Me to look deeper within and without. And to realize that we all need to recognize the ridiculousness of, and in, our Self. "Farts are fun! They're shit without the mess!"

You are already so very missed. You are immortal, and so very worthy of admiration in My eyes.
Thank You George!

#336094 - 06/24/08 01:14 AM Carlin Tribute was on Larry King [Re: 999]
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Well, you guys missed the Tribute with Seinfeld, Lewis Black, Mahr and Carlin's relatives, bits of his Larry King '97/'01 interviews which of course you can find online. They played it 3 times on Monday. Hopefully a repeat will follow soon or pop up in the usual internet places and perhaps word of what was his last interview will surface.
Apparently he was already doing new material for his next special (according to an attendee of his last show) as he always does after he did the special in March. I'm gathering info on what the material was otherwise, anyone got anything more progressive other than the echoing 'rest in peace' parade? I'm sure Rev. Bill will bring out the truckload in time.
So far its been noted that
Funeral arrangements and memorial services are pending, according to Jeff Abraham who is Mr. Carlin's publicist.

From a Letterman appearance:
Always been trying to come up with a single sentence that would contain or at least refer to the seven deadly sins.
The seven deadly sins just for reference are:
Greed, Anger, Pride, Lust, Gluttony, Sloth and Envy.

So hereís my sentence:

Iím really angry that I,
A superior human being in every way,
Have less money than my neighbor,
Whoís wife I would love to nail
If only I werenít so busy sleeping and eating porkchops.

#336281 - 06/24/08 09:11 PM Re: Carlin Tribute was on Larry King [Re: ror]
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I remember that Letterman appearance. The quote was read right out of his first book (though in the book, he doesn't use the term "nail"!)
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#337075 - 06/28/08 01:58 PM Re: George Carlin dies at 71 [Re: WolfMoon]
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"He was here just a couple minutes ago." was what he told Sonny Fox (XM Comedy Channel 150, "Stand-Up-Sit-Down" interview) should be his epitaph.
There have been many greats before him. There will be many to come. But, dammit, NONE will BE George Carlin!
rip rip rip rip rip rip rip rip rip rip rip

"Churches may close and old shepherds may die, but the herd will always be the herd."
Reverend Bill

#359885 - 11/12/08 12:55 AM Comedy week? Comedy month! [Re: DCLXVI]
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As noted:

Not only that but Artie Lang, Jim Norton and the immortal Don Rickles all had books come out already this month! 'Hope y'all caught their appearances on Letterman and Conan! Rickles was on the highest fire ever!

& of course Carlin's DVD is out this month!
Note that the ol' tubers is having the unexpurgated version of the DVDs bonus material along with countless resurfaced interviews!

#369762 - 01/24/09 11:27 PM George Carlin: The Mark Twain Prize airs [Re: ror]
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FEBRUARY 4th at 9:00PM - PBS

The Kennedy Center Mark Twain Prize celebrates the life and humor of the late comedian George Carlin who passed away at age 71 on June 22, 2008. The announcement of Carlinís receiving the Mark Twain Prize was made a week before the comedianís passing. Carlin was delighted with the honor, and was looking forward to attending the ceremony. The award was presented posthumously for the first time in its eleven years.

The program airs, Wednesday, February 4 at 9P.M. ET on PBS stations nationwide. Taped at The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts on November 10, the 90-minute special features tributes and comic testimonials from a star-studded cast of Carlinís friends and colleagues including leading American entertainers Jon Stewart, Bill Maher, Garry Shandling, Lily Tomlin, Denis Leary, Joan Rivers, Lewis Black, Richard Belzer and Margaret Cho. The program which recognizes the life and achievements of the beloved comedian, includes an assortment of classic film clips from Carlinís career.

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