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I apologize this is not a question it is a thank you.

Dear Magister Svengali,

I realize I'm going out on limb, or perhaps I'm being too forward.
It's a rare opportunity I find myself with.
Although, I may make a fool of myself in the process,
I'd be more of one for never having tried.

My name is Shandra, I signed on to this site about a year ago.
I had begun, what I would consider, a study in Satanism about eight months prior.

This may seem odd, but I want to thank you.
Your book and other essays made me sit up and take note.
You spoke about having passion, standards, mastery, accuracy and the importance of writing well.

I thought I had it all figured out.
You made me realize I was missing a vital key.
I wasn't passionate about my life.
I had to know what I wanted and that is easier said than done.
I have been Working 40 hrs. a week since I was eighteen and owned my first home at twenty-three.
I was being responsible for a lack of knowing what I wanted to be when I grew up.

After taking an analytical look at LaVey's writings I found myself stuck in a life that
no longer satisfied the desire to succeed.
The truth was: I didn't have to be great to give meaning to my life,
but my life had to have meaning for my life to be great.
Living well is the best revenge.
Having the most toys is not enough. It's about the toys that you don't have yet.
You've always got to stay at the head of the pack.
I was a big fish in a little pond.

Then I crossed paths with the devil, and found I wasn't good enough.
I was studying psychology to keep the boredom at bay, but alas it was an easy cop out.
From what I've been reading any Satanist worth their salt can read people.

You sir, are very blunt with the truth and I thank you for being so.
I on the other hand, "Dubito ergo sum" I doubt therefore I am. I have a love-hate relationship
with the subject of philosophy, still it remains a passion.

In the fist chapter on Deep Satanism, the subsection writing to learn, caused me to focus on my own writing.
I started there and came across the design of a social order based on educational achievement.
It was a highlight to the notion that magic is just science that can't be explained yet.
In sifting through these old notebooks I began to realize my passion.

I feel I owe you at the very least, a thank you. My whole life is different now.
I discovered a new magical path to explore with a degree at the end.

If a passion is determined by something you can speak about for hours, then...
I am a proud member of the play station generation.
Which I can live with because I'm at the tail end of generation x.
I have been around for the entire technological evolution of video games.

The thought of doing something so drastic never occurred to me, but it's all coming together so well.
Throughout your writings you imply that it is better to have actions prove your worth, instead of having "life be a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury that signifies nothing."
I am attempting to give it meaning with proof.

I am very excited about moving to Texas, to continue my education in video game design.
I'll be driving my new Jeep Commander cross country to my new life.

Thank you Magister Svengali for providing the words that sparked the passion I needed to find
what I wanted.

"...And the truth that makes us laugh, will make you cry!"
"...Porcelain in a paper cup world."
~Almost Alice~

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Thank you for the kind words. I'm glad you found something useful in the book!
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