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Hi guys,

I'm not sure if I am meant to be posting here so I apologize but I am extreamly new to this site. My boyfriend is a member of the church and asked me to read the Satanic Bible just to get an opinion on what be believes in, he wouldn't make me join if I didn't want to, he's not that sort. Any ways I was just wondering if any one could help me with some advice. I am looking for other books to read on this subject, being the Church of Satan. For a long time I thought I was athiest but over the last few years I found myself becoming more interested in things that are not of the "normal" kind. [I apologize about the term] to be honest I am not even sure what is normal any more. I don't agree with most religions and rather then saying being close minded I would prefer to hear and read opinions of people from different backgrounds if this makes sense. I guess I am just looking to be more open minded about religion in a way but not sure where or what I should read that would give true information rather then false and misleading information.

Any ways enough of my rambling, anything would be greatfuly accepted.


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The books written by that LaVey guy are pretty good.
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BUY a copy of The Satanic Bible... or borrow your boyfriends copy. If he is a member of the Church of Satan then he must have at least one copy of the book for you to borrow from him and read. Nothing anyone can tell you here would beat actually reading the book written by LaVey himself. After all, he started the CoS, after you read that then maybe ask questions about things you are not sure of.
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