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#377295 - 04/09/09 09:49 AM Why is it so difficult?
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I have considered myself a Satanist for quite a while now, but I just do not see the point in living in darkness about my believes. Well, considering the fact that I do live in the Bible belt of the U.S. it might seem smarter for me to just keep my beliefs to myself. I would like to find like-minded people though with whom I can develop a mutually beneficial friendship.

What are your thoughts on this? How did any of you end up finding like-minded friends that are also Satanists? Everybody I talk to keeps telling me they are Christian. I am just thinking who the hell cares if you are Christian, especially the women. What does it matter if we do not share the same religious belief?

I just wish that I could be more open about who I am and that I do not have to hide behind a false wall. Does anyone here know what I am talking about?

Well, that is my rant for today.


#377300 - 04/09/09 10:41 AM Re: Why is it so difficult? [Re: Teufel Anbeter]
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When you find something you take pride in, it's natural to want to show it off at first. The real challenge comes in realizing that for the most part, there is no inherent benefit in discussing such things, and if you live in an area as volatile as the one where you live, it can actually be a major hindrance.

It's a nice ideal to think "We should all just get along," but part of being a Satanist means realizing that this is never the case. Keep this in mind, also; there are a bunch of Satanists who have achieved a level of celebrity status that allows them to, often very cheekily, reveal the truth about themselves, even if it is only in subtle ways. Some people can therefore act in a very Satanic manner without trying too hard to hide what they are, whereas others may not be in a position where that works for them.

Life is about living one way or another, and no philosophy or dogma should serve to make your life more difficult. If it is, it ain't working.

That is just my opinion, anyways.

#377301 - 04/09/09 10:44 AM Re: Why is it so difficult? [Re: Teufel Anbeter]
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What are your thoughts on this?

There's a reason why "Counterproductive Pride" is one of the 9 sins.

How did any of you end up finding like-minded friends that are also Satanists?

It got a LOT easier once I was first introduced to the internet back in '93. That not only goes for finding other Satanists, but finding all other sorts of like-minded people that normally I wouldn't run into all that often. A lot of my real-life friends are people I initially met through the internet in one way or another.
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#377308 - 04/09/09 12:00 PM Re: Why is it so difficult? [Re: Teufel Anbeter]
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My wife once asked the purpose of belonging to a religion that you could not publically embrace. On reflection, that's like asking what purpose being well endowed served if you had to wear clothes in public. For those few privileged to know, it is a wondrous thing. In the same vein, why parade your valuables in front of a bunch of folks who really don't matter to you?

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#377309 - 04/09/09 12:02 PM Re: Why is it so difficult? [Re: Teufel Anbeter]
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Part of being a Satanist, in my opinion, is recognizing that everyone puts up false walls and being able to not only see through them but put up better walls than others. It is a key to Lesser Magic. Being a Satanist is not about decking out in Baphomets and having Hail Satan! vanity tags. It is about controlling your world and manipulating those around you to achieve your goals. My personal opinion of course. I would suggest keeping it hidden in the area you live in. Wear a cross if you need to and tell others you are a Christian if that's what it takes. Ultimately you should feel a sense of strong pride in the fact that you are getting ahead in life and pulling the wool over others eyes so to speak. If, however, you cannot keep up the charade then it might be time for a move.
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#377312 - 04/09/09 12:39 PM Re: Why is it so difficult? [Re: Teufel Anbeter]
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A good dose of Lesser Magic may do you some good (or evil) depending on how well you can utilize it.

Help! I am stuck in the Bible Belt was an excellent post by Magister Nemo.

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I live in eastern Kentucky. My tattoos alone are enough to get a reaction out of most people around here. When asked, I better success stating I'm an agnostic (open to the idea of religion but not entirely convinced by it). Usually anyone who asks will stop the questions there, but there's always a few that ask the same question "Do you believe in God?"

My response is always "Look, I'm really not comfortable discussing this. Can we please change the subject. Then there's the elite few who won't give it up, so I give them a $2 donation to leave me the hell alone. I'll take my candle or lollipop or whatever they happen to be selling and go on my merry way.

I'm a little hesitant to try and find other satanists in my area due to the supreme stupidity some christians live by. A few years back some proclaimed atheists and or satanists "disappeared," so discretion is definitley the better part of valor.

#377318 - 04/09/09 01:45 PM Re: Why is it so difficult? [Re: Teufel Anbeter]
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Find the inherent power that lies in the keeping of secrets.
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#377323 - 04/09/09 02:11 PM Re: Why is it so difficult? [Re: Teufel Anbeter]
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Two thoughts:

I've lived in the southern United States my entire life and I've never really noticed the Christians mentioning their religion for no apparent reason. I can't say the same for some others, such as Wiccans, converts to eastern religions, etc. THOSE people mention their religion for no reason at all. Christians may make the mistake of assuming everyone else is a Christian and asking what church you go to, etc, but that's not nearly as obnoxious.

Second, why do you feel like it has to be brought up? I honestly can't remember the last time religion was mentioned by anyone around me. Coworkers don't give a shit, and if some random guy on the street did for whatever reason approach me (they don't, wouldn't that be really awkward?) I'd tell them to mind their own business.

Just a suggestion, but maybe it's you who wears your religion on your sleeve. To me it is a nonissue and I seem to get by trouble free in this regard.
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#377333 - 04/09/09 03:35 PM Re: Why is it so difficult? [Re: ]
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Thank you to all those great responses. I will as always take the best out of the ones I agree with and leave behind the ones that I do not. I think that some of my tattoos are showing my true beliefs, but as somebody said earlier if nobody asks you for them do not bring it up.

I also found a quote out of the Satanic Bible that should have given me part of my answer:

"Even if you cannot be aggressively honest about your opinions because of unfavorable consequences from employers, community leaders, etc., you can, at least, be honest with yourself. In the privacy of your own home and with close friends you must support the religion which has YOUR best interest at heart."
(The Satanic Bible, 50)

Sorry, I had to cite my source as I do not want to be accused of plagiarizing.


#377338 - 04/09/09 03:46 PM Re: Why is it so difficult? [Re: ]
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I live in North Carolina and don't really see the same issue that you experience in Georgia. For me being a Satanist isn't something I worry about people finding out about for I'm comfortable and take pride in being me. The way I see it is if they don't approve of me then they're probably not sitting at my dinner table and if I don't wish to hear their christian views then I should get up and exit their church.

#377352 - 04/09/09 05:12 PM Re: Why is it so difficult? [Re: Teufel Anbeter]
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Some religious people (like Christians for example) need to constantly brag about their beliefs to others because they are insecure. Satanists don't give a damn what others believe in as long as it does not directly affect them in a negative manner. I have some very close friends that are Satanists, but others that are agnostics, atheists, Catholics, Christians etc.

It is all a matter of who is open to talking about such things. There are some of these people who would be very closed minded about Satanism. It is in MY best interest to keep my affiliations in the dark. People who simply will not "get it" aren't worth discussing it with.

There is also an aspect of Lesser Magic to this. Projecting a "false wall" as you put it can actually benefit you sometimes. For example, most of my family happens to be Catholic. Generally, we all get together on holidays like Christmas and Easter. I have no problem with that as I enjoy the good food and the time spent with my family. But you won't find me showing up in a black cloak with a giant Baphomet medallion on! What would be the point in that?

See what I'm getting at?

#377356 - 04/09/09 06:00 PM Re: Why is it so difficult? [Re: Teufel Anbeter]
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I just wish that I could be more open about who I am and that I do not have to hide behind a false wall.

More times than not, it's the safest thing to do.

If you want to broadcast to the world that you're a Satanist, be prepared to deal with the backlash. We're not in the dark ages anymore, but a lot of bible-thumping folks didn't get the memo.

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#377383 - 04/09/09 09:10 PM There is a secret. [Re: Teufel Anbeter]
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What secret, you ask?

Lean closer.

I don't want anyone else to overhear.

That's better.


Here it is.

It doesn't matter what other people think.

It only matters what you think.

And what you think will determine just about everything.


One more thing.

You want to really meet other Satanists?

I have a suggestion.

Join the Church of Satan.

Downstairs you will have opportunities to get to know other Satanists who felt strongly enough about Satanism to join.

Birds of a feather....


That's about it.

Bye for now.


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