If you have been wanting to try out the VIP features on Satannet's
Undercroft, well now’s your chance! A New Free Nine Day VIP Trial
Subscription has been added to the Undercroft Subscriptions. This Free
Subscription allows non-VIP Members to upgrade their accounts to a
trial VIP Member account which gives you Nine Days of VIP Membership
for free. You will have access to almost every VIP feature to really
understand how valuable the system is. You will have access to a ton
of new features which will allow you to communicate in a whole new

This Free Nine Day Trial offer does not expire so you can use it
whenever you like, but you can only sign up for it once. So if you
have some time, subscribe to the new Free Trial and see the Undercroft
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Create or Login to your Account, click the Subscriptions link on the
left menu, click on the "Upgrade Options" tab and choose the "Free VIP
Trial" subscription option.

Visit Satannet's Undercroft Today!



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