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#38044 - 04/30/04 11:17 PM Influenced Emotions Throught Media
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Unnecessary emotions and Weakness are found in both fictional media and often non-fictional, the media thrives on these emotions and uses it to sell their products, once one takes liking to a emotional aspect of a movie/song he is likely to buy the product.

Influenced emotions creates weakness as it installs unnecessary emotions in the mind of the audience, these emotions include points such as 'the strongest guy dosent always get the girl' and 'i dont have to be the best to get the best' along with unnecessary love and hate emotions. Due to humans living on a survival of the fittest basis these apocryphal emotions do no good what so ever for the viewer, many allegorical movies/songs also have underlying messages that represent these false emotions.

As an elite individual i can confidently recognise these emotions and have a good time viewing those movies, however i am in no way influenced at all by the deterioating emotions that the media provokes.

#38045 - 05/01/04 02:17 AM Re: Influenced Emotions Throught Media [Re: playfreak]
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Emotions have nothing to do with it, on the contrary, people who are programmed by media mediums to make a purchase, are emotionless. Media gives an idea, and the sheep follows it, but there are no feelings involved, I mean, could there be? Really.

#38046 - 05/01/04 02:56 AM Emotions [Re: playfreak]
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You are right that the media try to play with people's emotions, but that doesn't make emotions "bad".

Emotions are just emotions. Not good, not bad.

Slaves are controlled by them.

Masters accept them for what they are and use the emotional energy for their own purposes.
~ Suum cuique. ~

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In regard to movies and music, have you ever heard the term "catharsis"? Perhaps it is these very emotions we are impregnated with that you speak of that have lead man to appreciate and define great art.

The difference is that a Satanist knows the difference between reality and fantasy land, but occasionally indulges himself in enjoying a fantasy in the context or entertainment or ritual.

Herdlings, on the other hand, cannot control their emotions, cannot evaluate the validity of their emotions, and thus follow whatever emotional whim they possess. Furthermore, I have noticed the lowest faction of herdlings have trouble differentiating the news media from entertainment. However, their lack of control and understanding of watch they watch and enjoy does not invalidate my enjoyment of movies and music with emotional appeal.

Personally, I enjoy movies that move me to experience a deep emotion. Those movies are few and far between, but it is nice to be reminded how some of these emotions feel, particularly referring to the ones that are not within my realm of experience.

Referring now to television and television advertising, there is a reason I donít watch T.V. Its programming is directed towards the lowest faction most of the time, hence I have been T.V. free for three years.

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I think that fear is the primary emotion that the herd responds to and are most effected by. The media doesn't seem to focus on any other emotion beyond fear. The "War on Terrorism" is their greatest weapon, keeping the sheep crying and buying.
They are doomed because they cannot even glimpse beyond the construct that their masters have put into place. Their masters are doomed because they believe in the construct they created.


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