In "Satan Speaks!", in the essay "Total Environments: Some Further Suggestions", Anton LaVey mentions a total environment community called Xenophobia; "with individual underground bunkers, and isolation areas." Nothing more is mentioned, but this appeals to me greatly, and here's why.

When I was around ten, my father and Grandfather were contractors, and worked often for a local man who was very wealthy. in his original house, in the basement, he had installed a very swanky, 1950's style, full bar, complete with neon signs and swizzle sticks, a regulation sized pool table, and a popcorn machine from a defunct movie theater. He would mix different variations of Shirley Temple type drinks for me from behind the bar, which I indulged shamlessly. In the back of the bar, beyond the pool table, was a vault door, complete with a big wheel lock, and beyond that, one-hundred feet into the hill behind the house. was his bomb shelter. It had bunks and supplies, and water for four people for four years, a shortwave radio, a gernerator. a secret escape hatch, and most importantly, the potential for total isolation from the outside world for long periods of time. I loved the bar and bunker combination, and made many "practice runs" into the shelter while my progenitors worked. It was wonderful.

Reading that small sentence about Xenophobia brought it all back for me, another reason to thank Dr. Lavey, and the inspiration to someday build my own Xenophobia, perhaps as a resort, or planned community.

Just wanted to share that, and perhaps others on this list have had similar experiences they want to share.