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#382373 - 05/23/09 07:25 AM Re: More controversy- Vegetarianism [Re: Atralux Lucis]
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My debate is not on whether eating meat is right or wrong, nor about whether satanists do it or not, or whether it is moral for a satanist to do it.

The issue is whether Killing an animal for food is actually properly in the philosophy considering the unnaturalism it has been made into.

Rule #10- Do not kill non-human animals unless you are attacked or for your food

Apart from my own view about vegetarianism (which is biologically stated), the "rule" (guideline sounds better due to different factors in which this should be more detailed) isn't violated.

You are wondering if it is violated? It simply isn't. Take a broader perspective on the subject. Do you have the necessary time and place to own, raise and slaugther an animal for your meat? Do you even have the time to grow your vegetables and fruit? In modern society, things are working with different sorts of mechanisms. The little dollars you have in your wallet can turn into meat, vegetables, houses and other things. Instead of now hunting for food, you "transform" money into your meat.

And as someone here said: it was to evade animal abuse within the philosophy.

Think twice, make sure you have seen all the different perspectives or at least tried to..

On a second note but to Phosis this time:
You do understand that this forum is for practicing Satanists, and is NOT a debate club, I hope?

As far as I know, when you practise things you are doing it outside in the real world and not on a forum..
Forums are to share experiences and opinions, I really can't see any possibility to be a practicing Satanist trough the internet...

#382375 - 05/23/09 07:27 AM Re: More controversy- Vegetarianism [Re: Dimitri]
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I agree with what you have said, Ill report my last argument:

Do not kill non-human animals unless you are attacked or for your food.

Now what about the fact it says for your food. Now see the killers arent eating them. They are killing them to sell to others for profit. Now people buy this (including satanists) and therefore are supporting the idea of killing animals for profit which is supporting the disobeying of the tenth rule.

This is THE last argument I have. If you can put that down I have no further issue.

I must sleep now. I shall look forward to this last point being settled when I look again most likely in the morning.
Thank you
Lascivian Atralux Lucis

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#382376 - 05/23/09 07:29 AM Re: More controversy- Vegetarianism [Re: Atralux Lucis]
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For those in the know:

Please don't feed the monkeys!

Thank you.
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#382378 - 05/23/09 07:36 AM Re: More controversy- Vegetarianism [Re: Atralux Lucis]
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Originally Posted By: Atralux Lucis
please go through each one of my questions and refute all of my arguments.

Ever Forward!
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