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#38286 - 05/02/04 11:09 AM CoS Membership Fee Increase
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Rather than place my reply in the CoS Questions forum, in which only messageboard moderators and CoS priesthood may post replies, I am starting this thread here.

Some people have indicated they were unaware that the Church's one-time membership fee will be increased from $100 to $200 and have even indicated that they cannot find it on the Church's web page yet.

It is there. On the News link.
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#38287 - 05/02/04 07:43 PM Re: CoS Membership Fee Increase [Re: Citizen_Squish]
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Amazing what a little bit of reading can accomplish, eh Squish?
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#38288 - 05/02/04 08:05 PM Re: CoS Membership Fee Increase [Re: Citizen_Squish]
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I guess if I hurry up I can still get it for the old price!

(Yeah, I'm cheap!)
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#38289 - 05/02/04 09:59 PM Re: CoS Membership Fee Increase [Re: Old_Pig]
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You are probably one of a handful of folks who has been waiting for the right moment for a long time.

Now is the right moment! We Satanists are a pragmatic bunch, so 'get while the gettin's good!' I think it was pretty generous of Central to give such ample notice, as it gives our long standing friends an opportunity to plan it into their budgets and jump off that fence.

NOTE: This is not an encouragement to newer folks to the board. If you still aren't sure, please don't join until you're 100% on board, until you really 'get it', until you really have read everything you could get your hands on and 'know' (not think) that this is where you should be. For a lifetime membership, $100 or $200 or $500 shouldn't stand in your way. I just know there are a few folks who have been psychologically on-board for quite a while.

#38290 - 05/03/04 09:47 AM Re: CoS Membership Fee Increase [Re: Citizen_Squish]
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>>Just about two decades ago, Anton LaVey established the
>>fee of $100,

The price hasn't changed in about 20 YEARS? It was still the same price back when movie tickets cost $2.25, a pack of cigarettes cost $1.50, and a can of Coke out of a vending machine cost 50 cents? Well damn, then I agree it's about time for an adjustment.

The LaVey-bashing organizations and other whiners can jeer all they want over this, but I don't know any other thing that's stayed the same price for a generation. Actually, the fact that it's remained the same for so long is good proof against the claim that the CoS is some "money-making" organization.
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