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#383105 - 05/30/09 08:41 PM The TRUE nature of sports
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Yes, I am all too aware that sports are one of the most supreme examples of herd-mentality, yet I am of the idea that it is the WAY and REASONS people follow it like a religion that constitudes it as heard-conformity to be a fan. So to seek into exactly what is entailed to sports that indices me to enjoy it from another angle. it is for this reason that it's rare to have someone like myself partaking of the rooting for the home team, and stranger still to have one walk into a sports bar clad in all black attire with leather trench coat, steel toe boots and an inverted crucifix necklace, and begin yelling and cheering at the TV as the struggle continues. Why is it everyone assumes that I over look the brutality of football, the agile movements of wrestling, the dynamics of baseball, and who doesn't love a good hockey fight?

Man, the Human animal, is a predatory creature by nature and would cease to exist if not for preying upon each other. The gladiators are a perfect example of this. People payed good money to see men use strategic methods of out witting and overpowering the enemy to death. The same skills used in the deep wild of ancient tribes and primal Human attributes reined supreme. It is this will to survive, to compete, to kill, to dominate, that drive us as a species to pour forth our aggravations, suppressed in this sterile corporate world, into the sports players as a representation of ourselves, our city, our state, our country.

WAR. That is what is basically what Football is, a structured warfare that feeds that part of ourselves to partake of a fighting struggle in which two armies meet upon the battlefield, with strategic maneuvers to penetrate the enemy's defensive line to invade their territory. Launched by the QB (field general) is an aerial assault of long bullet passes, sometimes from resorting to the "shotgun" with a mission to not only win, but take out the enemy one by one at what ever cost.
I am a sports fan, and glorify the barbaric traits that makes me Human, and I am here to tell you that the attraction to sports is nothing to be ashamed of and is a good way be in touch with that part of yourself society tries so hard to suppress. Though it is not typical for those like-mined of myself among Satanists and "metal-heads", I believe that among many cultural and intellectual pursuits, sports is ALSO a reflection of ourselves.
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#383109 - 05/30/09 09:22 PM Re: The TRUE nature of sports [Re: Venus Flytrap]
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Most of those who disdain sports entirely are, unsurprisingly, those who are the least skilled at it. Much like those who excel at sports but are underwhelming in academics disdain in opposite.

Sports are a rich source of social observance for those who care to look. Within one phenomenon we can see physical struggle, fierce competition (perhaps the fiercest outside of the mortal combat of war), the instinct of hunting and the attraction of females to the best hunters as well as an assortment of sexual motivations in humans, a veritable menagerie of man's most basic instincts brought to the forefront.

Because most humans exist on an almost purely instinctual level, I see no reason to be surprised that sports are quite popular. And because Satanism is the religion of man as he is, I also see no reason to give a damn if a Satanist likes sports.

Now how 'bout them Cowboys?
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#383112 - 05/30/09 11:02 PM Re: The TRUE nature of sports [Re: Venus Flytrap]
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Don't forget the Bomb Pass, Offesive and Defensive Lines, The Red Zone or End Zone, Guard, Tackle, Lateral, all terms can be applied to Combat.

I remember the late Great George Carlin had a bit on this very topic.
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#383136 - 05/31/09 08:48 AM Re: The TRUE nature of sports [Re: Venus Flytrap]
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I see nothing at all wrong with watching sports or playing sports.

I give credit to the athletes (especially the ones who are not doing stupid things such as shooting up steroids) who go through rigorous physical and mental exercise to compete for guts, glory...and to make some money along the way. cool

What I don't like is when idiots (i.e. 'team fanatics') band together to watch sporting events just for the sake of getting drunk and rooting for their hometown team. Even worse are those who claim to be "hardcore" fans of such and such team yet can't even name more than five players off of the roster.

#383155 - 05/31/09 02:02 PM Re: The TRUE nature of sports [Re: S810]
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Sports serve a combative primal need that some humans need to exercise. That includes the concept of tribalism. They gather themselves into meaningless groups just for the sake of creating an "us vs them" situation. Some see it barbaric, others see it as harmless entertainment.

Personally I choose the latter but I don't understand what is so fascinating about someone kicking a football or swinging a bat. The only instance in which I can picture myself enjoying sports is if I'm gambling, but the same could be applied to any other form of competition. Hell, even a presidential election.

Originally Posted By: S810
I remember the late Great George Carlin had a bit on this very topic.

I'm very familiar with Carlin's misanthropic look on the subject, and I agree with him. Let's just cut all the theatrics and serve what people want: blood, violence, destruction. There are many ways in which we can serve this need in a productive and profitable manner, but the very idea of it is taboo in our PC society.


For all the secularism that the Left holds, they still fail to realize that man is an animal like any other...
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#383161 - 05/31/09 03:08 PM Re: The TRUE nature of sports [Re: Venus Flytrap]
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Good post.

I, for one, am not a huge fan of team sports but I'm right on board with strength training/competition and combat sports like U.F.C. and MMA in general. All require unflinching devotion to one's chosen craft and those I've listed celebrate individual achievement which is akin and core to Satanism.

#383163 - 05/31/09 03:15 PM Re: The TRUE nature of sports [Re: Venus Flytrap]
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It is one thing to respect and admire physical talent and strength. It is quite another thing to worship sports with pretentious wails.

You already know that.
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#383184 - 05/31/09 07:59 PM Re: The TRUE nature of sports [Re: Discipline]
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Football is a combative sport, much like the gladiator sports of yore, with less bloodshed. I used to play football in my early youth and enjoyed the thrill of sprinting through defenses and making a touchdown. Now I apply that method to how I approach writing songs.
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#383190 - 06/01/09 01:02 AM Re: The TRUE nature of sports [Re: Basher]
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When did MMA stop being a team sport?
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#383193 - 06/01/09 02:06 AM Re: The TRUE nature of sports [Re: G.F.V.]
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Originally Posted By: TheVulture

What I don't like is when idiots (i.e. 'team fanatics') band together to watch sporting events just for the sake of getting drunk and rooting for their hometown team. Even worse are those who claim to be "hardcore" fans of such and such team yet can't even name more than five players off of the roster.

For a number of years I used to go to the stadium whenever there was a home game. It was an opportunity to meet up with some friends, have a few beers and let yourself vent a few frustrations or let yourself be carried on the big emotions of an epic win.

Being a fan can be a fun thing, but pretty soon one starts to wonder at how otherwise intelligent people can start bitching about being there for every game like it's a matter of personal honor (after all, it's indulgence not compulsion). It's just like those "friends" who get insulted when you don't want to go out drinking with them because you want to work on a personal project.

These days I watch the games on TV. If things get boring I just let it play in the background and go get some writing done or do the dishes or whatever needs to get done.

I must admit that reading the Satanic literature has taken a bit of the excitement out of sports, because now I cannot help but approach it with a feeling that regardless of whether my team wins or not, I still have no accomplishment to show from that but a sore throat and a slight hangover smile
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#383198 - 06/01/09 05:52 AM Re: The TRUE nature of sports [Re: verszou]
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Its funny I have rarely gotten in to sports to the point of screaming at the TV. I've always felt why stay in and watch a game when you could be out playing it.

I've always said the only sports that I enjoy watching is UFC to pick up on some techniques/strategies(true) and of course Womens Beach Vollyball(I couldn't give you even one name from the sport)

Now after my injury I don't even play sport let alone do any Martial Arts. I get my brutality and aggression kick out of "DONGEONS & DRAGONS" MmmmuuuuHA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!

I think, what ever side you enjoy is the right side every one else are a bunch of idiots. I am sorry but if your going to argue or fight over a matter of opinion it's absolutely moronic

With that said Go Cardinals smile

#383201 - 06/01/09 06:01 AM Re: The TRUE nature of sports [Re: Venus Flytrap]
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I enjoy watching sports. I am not sure I would call myself a fan; but, I watch New York/New Jersey sports. I have no problem relaxing for a few hours letting my emotions take over. When it is over, it is over. I do not sulk if the team I was yelling for does not win. I do, however, feel somewhat elated if it wins.

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#383212 - 06/01/09 08:49 AM Re: The TRUE nature of sports [Re: Venus Flytrap]
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I'm more attracted to sports like biathlon — it's not just a substitute for war, it IS war, but the side of war that is lonely and artful.

#383226 - 06/01/09 12:19 PM Re: The TRUE nature of sports [Re: Venus Flytrap]
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The day they invent a sport with topless cheerleaders I may watch it.
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#383229 - 06/01/09 12:52 PM Re: The TRUE nature of sports [Re: Old_Pig]
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Originally Posted By: Tha_Pig
The day they invent a sport with topless cheerleaders I may watch it.

Personally, I think that's as silly as expecting a strip club to feature a scoreboard and program guide.
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