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#383104 - 05/30/09 08:34 PM PM Limit
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There seems to be some unexpected changes (other than the VIP thing)

The limit for Private Messages used to be 666.

Has it been changed to 6?

I have around 50 and when I try to PM myself to see, it says that Enigma777 has reached the limit.

May I know why it changed to such a low number?

Also, my signature used to be quite long, but now it seems like a few short sentences(2 or 3) is over the limit.

Are these genuine problems or intended changes?

Thank you for your time.

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#383107 - 05/30/09 08:56 PM Re: PM Limit [Re: Enigma777]
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Just a wild guess, but I think your limits are determined by access level. My PM limit is 10,000. If you're a non-VIP member it's possible you have severely restricted limits since you're a non-paying member.

But that's nothing more than a mere guess. It could be a bug and an administrator will have to give an answer for anything to be definite.
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#383115 - 05/31/09 02:22 AM Re: PM Limit [Re: Enigma777]
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I think Priest Hagen von Tronje is right and I seem to remember a posting about the PM system and that free members will be limited to only 6 messages from now on, although unfortunately I can't find that posting at the moment.

I'm wondering if Magister Ventrue could maybe make a list like on Undercroft, listing the main difference between Free- und VIP-Accounts on LttD? As far as I know there is no posting about the specific terms that are in use at the moment and it's really a bit confusing as there are many postings about this topic and some things also changed meanwhile.
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#383376 - 06/02/09 04:16 PM Re: PM Limit [Re: Skyla]
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Yes, I think you guys are right.
Thank you.

Though it would be nice to have a answer from someone who knows for sure.

I had though the recent change was just in where one has access to.

A list would be nice.

Really, just 6?

#383419 - 06/03/09 05:05 AM Re: PM Limit [Re: Enigma777]
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Six is workable and allows you to privately communicate with people.

I'd be happy with what you have. After all, it's not like you've paid money for the service.
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#383493 - 06/03/09 04:03 PM Re: PM Limit [Re: Bruja]
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Oh that's fine really! smile

I just wanted to confirm that it was an intended change, not a bug problem cause it used to be 666 for a long time even after the big change.
I thought may be they lost 2 6s. whistle

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