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#383940 - 06/08/09 09:28 AM Re: Japan's "Herbivore Men" [Re: Drake_Bamboozle]
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#383957 - 06/08/09 04:46 PM "Herbivore Men" stimulating Japanese pillow industry [Re: Queen Shiba]
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Shigeyuki Nagayama said such men were not eager to find girlfriends and tend to be clumsy in love, and he admitted he seemed to fit the mold himself.

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#383961 - 06/08/09 05:52 PM Re: Japan's "Herbivore Men" [Re: Roho_the_Rooster]
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Originally Posted By: Roho_the_Rooster
From what I have seen, androgeny has always been big in Japan.

And it shows in their pop culture from anime to J-rock.
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#383964 - 06/08/09 06:10 PM Re: "Herbivore Men" stimulating Japanese pillow industry [Re: Old_Pig]
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Originally Posted By: Tha_Pig

And here I thought the Japanese were on the cutting edge of this love doll thing...

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#383974 - 06/08/09 08:53 PM Re: Japan's "Herbivore Men" [Re: Drake_Bamboozle]
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>> Japanese men gained the reputation as a sex animal through competition with the west <<

It seems it's not just these pussy-boys who're misguided. Don't these people realise the whole world knows that Japanese men have small dicks.

And it's true. I've seen it in porn. Tiny little peckers.

It's impossible to take Japanese men seriously after seeing this.

So, that's why the samurai seem so pissed off in the movies.

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#383976 - 06/08/09 09:49 PM Re: "Herbivore Men" stimulating Japanese pillow industry [Re: Roho_the_Rooster]
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Hahaha.. but seriously as far as japan is concerned, i still consider it the weirdest/ most perverse country on the planet.
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#383985 - 06/09/09 01:20 AM Re: "Herbivore Men" stimulating Japanese pillow industry [Re: Rodim]
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Hahaha.. but seriously as far as japan is concerned, i still consider it the weirdest/ most perverse country on the planet.

It is a living testament to the fact that suppression eventually overflows into some form of excess. I cannot even begin to list the horrors I have witnessed. All in good fun though, I suppose.

#384045 - 06/09/09 01:05 PM Re: "Herbivore Men" stimulating Japanese pillow industry [Re: Mr. Obsidian]
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Rodim---Yeah, Japan is wonderfully weird. Ditto India and the United States. (And though they aren't among the developed or "civilized" cultures, the Piraha are pretty weird, too.)

As for vulnerability:

I think context matters. There are moments in life where you'll have to go out on a limb, so to speak, if you want to experience deeper emotions or greater intimacy with someone or something. (For example, think of how vulnerable the average person is during sex!)

Certainly, I hadn't allowed myself to be emotionally open and vulnerable this weekend, I wouldn't have enjoyed "Up" as much as I did. In order to enjoy many books and movies, I have to open myself up to them, and to all they have to offer---the joys, as well as all the sorrows.

On the flip side, there are many times when the vulnerability in question is nothing more than plain old stupidity, or whiny girly-boy weakness. Some folks are *all* soft white underbelly, and it's disgusting.

Anywho, depending on the particulars, I'd tend to call these herbivore boys metrosexuals (as we've discussed), wimps (as Bloodfire mentioned) and/or geeks.

I think "wimps" pretty well gets to the heart of the matter, though.
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