With the way the current system is setup between the Undercroft and Letters to the Devil (LttD), it is becoming increasingly difficult for me to keep up with everyone’s accounts. The system is designed to allow users to subscribe to VIP Access from either the Undercroft or LttD. While this made access to the systems easier for the user, it is making account administration much more difficult for me to handle. If a user subscribes on one system I have to manually upgrade them on the other system and record everything in a spreadsheet in order to keep track of who signed up where in case I need to fix something with the users account.

In order to speed up upgrades, CoS Members access, and overall account support I am changing the system to allow only one area to purchase subscriptions. From this point forward all subscriptions will be handled from the Undercroft (as the subscription system there has many more features). In order to gain VIP Access and/or CoS Members Only access you will need to create an account on the Undercroft and purchase your subscription from there. Once you do you will receive information on how to get your account on LttD upgraded as well.

This change will make account administration much easier for me and upgrades much quicker for you. Since I have coded in a very secure privacy system into the Undercroft you can easily hide your profile there and make it virtually inaccessible to the outside world if you are not interested in using it for anything other than subscription management.

All users who have already subscribed on LttD for VIP Access should not need to do anything as this only applies to new accounts. Your current VIP subscriptions should continue to work and renew themselves.

As always if you have any questions or problems please message me and I will take care of them!

Thank you!


From Hell,

Magister Frost

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