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#390769 - 08/06/09 04:16 PM Question about the new SRN function
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A couple things first:
#1 I appreciate the humor/intent behind the reasoning for this function.
#2 I see the potential for great things with this feature.

Now my question, and excuse my ignorance if it's been brought up somewhere, but how are privacy issues to be handled with the SRN function? Could there be any additional privacy issues that might come from taking part in this, besides the risks that have already been taken by joining the Undercroft? I know privacy is a big issue with most of us, so I'm sure this has been worked out, I'm just curious. Thanks, Diwanna.
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#390775 - 08/06/09 06:13 PM Re: Question about the new SRN function [Re: Diwanna]
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The SRN Control panel gives the user the ability to NOT display the barcode on their profile and also gives them the ability to opt out of the public listing. So basically, only you and I would know you joined.

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